A lot has changed in design over the last 30 years, hasn’t it? Life isn’t shiny like it was in the 80’s; full of excess and indulgence, and the décor of the Strittmatter-pic-2time reflected that. Today’s world is about appreciating the past, caring for the present to have a better future, and as to be expected, our tastes in design reflect the past and have brought more attention to softer details.


Gray tones have slowly become the centerpiece of most design layouts in the form of neutral walls, cool furnishings, and rustic décor. Gray is an excellent choice in flooring, and contrary to belief, it can actually warm up a room, and is extremely diverse. Gray tones accentuate the grain and texture of a wood floor and works as a neutral backdrop for all styles. The possibilities are endless!


Experiment with your gray flooring in the designs you are most drawn to; use rustic pieces to pull together an industrial look, or experiment with tans and creams with natural pieces to give the space a beachy vibe. You can use white elements to give the space a truly modern feel as well. You can choose from dark grays to light grays and everything in between; your overall desired look for the room will be a good place to start when designing your room(s).


If gray hardwood over an entire space is too much for you, try using gray Larson pic 7in a bathroom or kitchen with the sleek new, modern styles that are available today. Tiles are available in much larger sizes now than they were in the past, giving an area a muted and diverse backdrop to work from.  Gray looks great in carpeting as well, making it a good alternative to the general beige color of most homes and an excellent way to hide high traffic dirt, wear and tear.


Set up an appointment with one of our designers to review all of the different styles of gray flooring you can choose from. You may want to change one room, or an entire floor. Our designers will help you decide on the best type of flooring, what shades, and how to build on your design from there. Come in and check out the hottest color in flooring for 2016 that will stay in style for many more years to come!