Hardwood flooring is beautiful, versatile, and long-lasting and it has amazing health benefits! The health benefits are significant and can be a huge difference in home life quality for individuals with allergies and asthma.

Hardwood floors directly impact air quality since they lower the ability of allergens to communicate inside the home. Air-borne allergens can accumulate indoors, gathering on clothing, in your hair, furniture, drapes, bedding, walls, and 8 3 pic 6 300x200 - Health Benefits of Hardwood Floorsflooring. Taking your shoes off at the door, changing your clothes, and showering each day can keep allergens off your body and from transferring to furniture or bedding. Wearing a hat and sunglasses outside can also reduce the number of allergens attaching to your face and hair.

Allergies affect as much as 30 percent of the adult population and 40 percent of children. Asthma is another common condition, easily irritated by exposure to different allergens. Allergens exist everywhere, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and animal dander build up in our homes despite our cleaning routine.

Frequent dusting, vacuuming, and washing reduces allergen build up, but allergens will continue to cling to and build up on these surfaces. Having fewer surfaces where allergens gather is a way to reduce the total amount in your home. Flooring is one of those areas since flooring types like carpet are better gathering places for allergens. Carpet fibers allow small microorganisms, pollen, dust, mold, and animal dander to accumulate. Wood is a flooring type that minimizes this accumulation since there are no fibers to trap these substances. The Environmental Protection Agency categorizes wood flooring as hypoallergenic due to these properties.

Small children are especially vulnerable to the allergens trapped in carpeting since they are closer to the floor and spend considerable time sitting and playing on the floor. Hardwood floor may be less comfortable for them to crawl or play on but may be better for their respiratory health. It is also a consideration if you have pets since the flooring will be much easier to clean since it does not trap pet hair.

Wood flooring has proven better in recent years since low VOC finishes and adhesives are now available and popular for finishing the floor. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, gases determined to be harmful to humans. Indoor air 7 16 pic 9 300x225 - Health Benefits of Hardwood Floorsquality is affected by VOCs and organizations have established strict regulations for VOC emissions to ensure your health.

Consider hardwood flooring for your health if you are thinking of making a change!