You’re finally ready to change your flooring, and are confident in your decision. You know what feeling you want to evoke in your room, and are ready to make that change, but you’re stuck: should you choose hardwood or carpet? Both have their pro’s and con’s, but how do you choose?


First off, neither ore a seasonal choice, so don’t think carpet wouldn’t work in hot months or hardwood won’t work in cold months. But, those aren’t the only factors to consider before making the choice. When considering whether to go with hardwood or carpet, consider:


Larson pic 7At first glance, carpet is cheaper than hardwood, and is conceivably a good choice however, if you plan to be in the house for a long time, you may find hardwood is the better option. Chances are, if you plan to be in the house for more than 10 years, you will need to change the carpet. This double cost in flooring will actually cost you more in the end.  In this case, hardwood is the better and more affordable option.



Do you have pets, children, or elderly you have to take into consideration? How much does the room(s) you plan to change the flooring in get used? Does the flooring need to be simple and quick to clean, or is that not an option? Carpet can be difficult to keep clean, and need to be shampooed at least once a year. Hardwood is prone to scratches and dents, yes, but those characteristics add charm to the floor. Many times, elderly and children will prefer the feeling of carpet, plus, some consider carpet a much safer option. One would argue pets are easier to clean up after with hardwood than with carpet, however, you have to consider your day to day life, and the needs of those whom live with you when making your decision.


Resale Value

Perhaps you don’t plan to make this your long-term home; it may not make sense to have expensive, high-end flooring installed. Chances are the expensive flooring isn’t going to add to your home’s overall value; so what do you choose? Historically, buyers prefer hardwood over carpet, and will pay extra for a home with hardwood. IN this case, hardwood is the clear choice; however, ifIMG_1850 you plan to rent the house out, do you really want to put in hardwood flooring which overall costs more than carpet which may need to be switched out with each renter? Consider your long term goals with the house as a factor in choosing the right flooring for you.


There may be some more factors you weren’t aware of, which is why we highly suggest you book an appointment with one of our designers. They will help you  through the decision making process, plus help in the overall design, so you not only get the most out of your flooring, you get the most out of the money you spend on it too.