If you are among the 35 million people that are allergic to dust mites and pet dander, you might be surprised to find that replacing your carpet with hardwood is a great way to limit your exposure to them. A home with wooden floors and rugs will contain only a tenth of the dust that a carpeted house contains. 

Carpets can trap the types of fine particle matter that worsen allergies. Pollen, pet dander and other particles can find a home there and become very difficult, if near impossible to extract completely. Dusting and vacuuming can help minimize many indoor allergies, but they can also stir them up. A good way to prevent these allergens in the first place is to eliminate common breeding grounds. And flooring is one area of the home where the indoor allergies can be controlled. 

Hard surfaces like hardwood, help to minimize the buildup of allergens because there are no fibers to hold on to those particles. By minimizing allergens, your quality of air indoors is already improved. Hardwood is also easier to disinfect than carpet. Using an anti-bacterial cleaner and a mop is all it takes. This just simply cannot be done with carpet.

Infants and small children are especially susceptible to the allergens that are trapped in carpet and since they spend more time crawling and playing on the floor. Hardwood floors might not be as comfortable for them when they crawl or play but ultimately better for their respiratory health. This can also be a concern if you have pets since hardwood is easier to clean and doesn’t trap the pet hair.