Vintage is a big look in today’s home; the greatest draw about achieving this décor is it’s homage to a classic look with a modern twist, making it a design choice that could last a lifetime.

Woods-runnerNorthern Virginia is riddled with homes built in the 1970’s; the classic split level homes, and the non-descript colonials dot the area. Pockets of homes with true character are few and far between. If you live in one of these run of the mill homes, it’s still possible to bring character and a vintage touch without breaking the bank.

Recent-job-4Virginia has a great selection of antique stores in nearly every city, big and small. Between antique stores and Goodwill, it’s simple to find the design looks you want to achieve your vintage look. Find vintage glass and apothecary bottles to store knickknacks, or to serve as a centerpiece. Take old bottles of differing sizes and mix with tall and short candles in a display tray for design. You can also find an array of antique cameras that can be used as a design element. Place them together in a corner you wish to draw the eye.

Was your grandmother into needlepoint? Honor her memory by taking striking, modern fabric and ‘framing’ it with needlepoint frames. Hang large and small ones on a wall for an unexpected touch.

With a little elbow grease, vintage furniture can find new life as well. Repurpose an old dresser as an entertainment center, or an ornate crib as a settee. Find your inspiration in those antique shops where the owners will sometimes repurpose or upcycle an item.

Walls in neutral tones are a great backdrop for this look as well; go with off-white, greige (a gray-beige) or other gray undertone colors. The gray undertone softens the look of décor, and helps Waymire 2colors in your design pop.

Of course, a big vintage style element is reclaimed wood floors (or floors that mimic the look!) Distressed wood flooring is a great backdrop to finish the look you want to achieve.  Of course, reclaimed wood floors or real distressed wood flooring is much more of an investment than an apothecary bottle, however the return is immeasurable, and much greater than said bottle. If your budget doesn’t allow for the extravagance, consider luxury vinyl floors, or distressed looking wood. Our selection of floors and our expert team will help you achieve the look you want within the budget you need!