When you think about hardwood floors, traditional things probably come to mind – low maintenance, easy to clean, adds value to your home, etc. We are going to switch it up by letting you in on a very important benefit that we think is definitely overlooked: fun activities to do on your hardwood floors, especially with kids! Since we are all cooped up in our houses so what better time to get creative and take advantage of the hardwood floors in your house. Of course, these activities are completely safe from damaging or ruining your hardwood floors, as well as being kid friendly.


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The smooth, flat surface of hardwood floors is the perfect place to lay out a jigsaw puzzle. Since we seem to have plenty of time at home these days, make sure you grab a puzzle with lots of pieces to keep you busy. Some puzzles can take days and not having to move the puzzles is ideal so make sure to section off an area of your floor (you could also have some fun and build a fort around it with your kids!) where the puzzle will reside and you can come back to it whenever you want. This is suitable for kids and adults and are a great, exciting way to think strategically while learning reasoning and logic. Since puzzles are usually made of cardboard, they’re gentle on your floor.



The best activity to perform on your hardwood floors is to do just that – perform. Soft socks are an important part. I’m sure you’ve already attempted Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk” but sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise is a close second place. There have been viral videos going around of people using socks and their hardwood floors as a treadmill, holding onto furniture and getting in some light cardio. Being able to channel your inner dance skills can also be some great exercise. Have you ever seen a proper dance floor that wasn’t made of hardwood? The smooth surface of a hardwood floor is perfect for swirling and twirling and getting down. Make it fun for your kids and turn off the lights, turn on a disco light or crack some glow sticks. Crank up the music and dance away!



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Time to start saving your empty plastic water or soda bottles before they go in the recycling bin. Why not try and have some fun with them first? Save 6-10 bottles of about the same size and set them up in a triangle pattern at the end of a hallway or in an open space in one of you rooms. Then find a soft plush or small rubber ball (tennis balls will work great for small water bottles, a soccer ball is good for 2 liter bottles) and take turns knocking them down. If it’s too easy to knock down, place a towel or cardboard underneath and fill with a little water or marbles, even rice to help hold them up. **This is not safe for hardwood so make sure something goes underneath the bottles.



Remember Nerf? You know, those toy foam darts that have been famous for several years? Well, if you have kids, of course you know what Nerf guns are! They are a great activity you and your kids can enjoy partaking in. Whether it be blasting each other with some of the latest and greatest Nerf guns or setting up targets to knock down, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time with the kiddos. If you need to move furniture to make a barricade to hide behind, just make sure your furniture has padding underneath legs so you can just scoot it out of the way. Sometimes you have to get creative when stuck in the house all day!



Musical chairs is a classic game of elimination that only requires players, chairs (one less than the total number of players) and music. The participants move around the chairs to the music and when it stops, rush to sit down in an open chair. The one left without a seat is eliminated. A chair is removed, the music continues and the cycle repeats until only one player is left, the winner. While this game is fun and involves all players, it causes chairs to slide all over the floor. Replacing the chairs with cushions or pillows can help save your hardwood floors from harmful scratches, dents and other damage. For a fun variation – set pillows in a pile in the middle of the floor and allow players to rush for them as the music stops.



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This one is definitely a classic and a fun one for homes with stairs and hardwood floors. It will take a few sets of dominoes if you want a long run but will amount to hours of fun for everyone. Kids can start out small too, with just one pack and experiment with what works and what doesn’t. It’s a good way for kids to practice problem-solving skills, observation and spatial awareness. Just make sure to record the final domino run!