Need to make a change in your home? Try adding some Parisian influences. French modern design is a mixture of classic style and modern minimalism. 

Let’s break down some key elements:

  1. The color palettes for this design typically begin with white walls. This amplifies the natural light. Wallpaper borders may be added for additional visual interest. 
  2. Furniture is a mixture of the old and new. For example, you can pair a modern, streamlined sofa with antique chairs. Muted colors of beige, light gray, light blue or pink are preferred.
  3. Flooring in French modern design includes natural wood. It has a worn, rustic vibe. Kruper Flooring has many different types of wood floors available. A checkered floor with black and white tiles set at an angle is another option. This is a very classic French look.
  4. Add accent pieces in bold colors. Popular colors are gold and burgundy. Colorful pillows or an accent chair can brighten any space.
  5. An arched mirror is a staple in French modern design. These mirrors commonly have detailed, gold borders. It’s just the right elegant touch to a room which helps create the idea of more space.


With these tips you will feel like you are right in the heart of Paris!