Building a trendy home is a tough decision. Flooring is near permanent while trends fade rather quickly. How do you know whether your floor will stay trendy or not? Predicting is not an easy skill, but necessary when considering resale value on your home. While most fading trends will still be okay for homes, some will move from trendy to repulsive rather quickly. We want you to love your floor and keep its value, so we compiled a list of flooring trends that will fade, and trends that will last.

Trends that will Fade

  • Extreme Colors – Dark wood against a white wall will stay, then get out of fashion. Our guess is that it will increase in popularity through 2019 or 2020, stay popular for a few years, and by the end of the next decade it will fall drastically. While it will likely not hurt the value of your home, it has the issue of being hard to upkeep and every speck of dust is visible on dark wood floors. We are already seeing signs of a fade with the rise of medium colors starting to match the rise of contrasting colors.
  • White-wash – Another extreme color. We intend this to last for a little while, and fade for much of the same reason as dark-wood. It’s difficult to clean and will decline as medium colors gain popularity.
  • Variation Wood Floors – This one is a hard prediction to make because it’s a personal favorite. Variation wood floors are one of the most popular wood flooring trends and will probably continue to grow. But again, we see a sharp decline in favor simpler, medium colors.
  • Chevron – The trend of unusual patterns in wood flooring like Chevron will not last. Most people are going to look for more basic, straight-forward flooring.
  • Carpet – Carpet is declining drastically because of usability. It’s harder to clean. We predict it will be completely out of fashion by the next decade, although a comeback is always possible.

Trends that will last

  • Lighter colors – Oak and Honey wood are popular and will grow as extreme colors decline.
  • Eco-friendly – the effects of climate change are happening right now, and more people are getting the message each year. We expect to see a sharp rise in eco-friendly flooring.
  • Wood-look Flooring – Nothing beats a proper wood flooring, but we expect an increase in cheaper solutions, including wood-like vinyl.
  • Water-proof flooring – Floods are occurring more and more often each year. The potential damage to a home could leave many home-owners very worried. We expect a rise in water-proof flooring, especially in basements.
  • Personalized/unique designs, whatever they may be – While a lot of the unique trends are fading, we do expect homes to become more personalized to the individual. More people a looking to make their homes a reflection of themselves instead of conforming to the norm. We expect individuality and personality to keep rising over the years.

Because some trends are fading does not mean that you can’t have a beautiful home that fits your personality. Give us a call today, and we’ll create something beautiful, unique, and entirely YOU for your home!