Studio apartments are increasingly popular as many people enjoy living in the city or close by with easy access by public transportation. While usually a smaller space, studio apartments combine all the essentials such as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom in one large room. A studio apartment usually has one full bathroom and a closet, you may get lucky and have a small washer/dryer unit!

Since a studio apartment is one space with multiple functions, it can be hard to choose a one-size fits all flooring solution. You could choose the same type of flooring for the entire room or combine materials to help divide up the space, for instance a tile floor kitchen and bath while the rest of the apartment is carpeted or hardwoods. Flooring in a studio apartment can be tricky, but a flooring specialist can help you decide on the right option for your budget and preferences. A landlord who is renting an apartment versus someone who owns their own space may have separate needs as well.


Carpet is a popular option due to being easily replaceable as well as budget friendly. Carpet does tend to show wear and tear quickly, as well as attracting and trapping dust and dirt. It can be difficult to keep clean, particularly if you have 9 7 pic 11 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentschildren or pets. Dark-colored carpet in a tight weave may be better than plush, light-colored carpet, particularly if you are a landlord renting the apartment and expecting turnover between renters. Carpeted spaces can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms for individuals who suffer from these conditions without regular, thorough cleaning.


Laminate flooring is versatile, budget-friendly and can be customized to mimic the look of tile or wood. It is easy to clean and can tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Installing it is very simple and it is appropriate for the majority of the apartment, although laminate does become excessively slippering when wet and may be a poor fit for the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry area if you have one.


Hardwood floors are beautiful and will definitely elevate the look of your apartment. Choosing a dark, wide plank can give your studio apartment a modern vibe while a lighter colored wood will make your space feel larger. Hardwoods, 8 20 pic 2 300x225 - Flooring Ideas For Studio Apartmentshowever, are very expensive, although for a smaller space there may be a budget-friendly option. Pets and moving furniture around can damage hardwoods and may need polishing or refinishing when you are ready to move.


Tile flooring is more expensive than laminate or carpet but works well throughout the entire home since it is moisture-resistant and can be used with ease in the kitchen and bathroom. Tile will last for a long time and holds up well to children and pets.