Tiny houses are all the rage right now. With so many people wanting a more transient life that’s more sustainable, we’re seeing more and more of these. Everything about a tiny house must be rethought, and restructured, including the floors.  So, what are the best types of flooring to use when you have so very little space to showcase them in?


The selection process for your tiny home shouldn’t be any different than Pavillion Condos foyer 1- 8-8-15-640x853choosing the best flooring for a small room. You want the space to feel large, regardless of how tiny your home is. To do that, you need to trick the eye to make the home appear bigger.


First and foremost, carpet will give the look and feel of coziness, which normally is fine and a desired aspect in flooring, but it’s not what you want in your tiny house. Stick with hardwood or tile to give the look of airiness and space. If you really want carpet, save it for the loft area, or the space where the bed will be.


When selecting the width, and if you select hardwood,  select planks instead of strips of wood (boards that are narrower than 3” are considered strips, whereas 3” and greater are considered planks). Wide plank flooring makes a room look bigger with the appearance of fewer seams. The open pattern looks less busy.


How the flooring is laid will also trick the eye into thinking the space is larger. The boards can be laid parallel to the longest wall and/or laid on a diagonal. If you choose to go with larger tile, these really give a visually hutchison_pic_2stunning look when laid on a diagonal. Wide hardwood planks also create visual interest, tricking the eye to appreciate the style, as opposed to the size, of the home.



Speaking of wood, don’t be afraid to use darker wood floors. If the rest of your space is light and bright, darker flooring will actually make the room look bigger! Crown molding in white colors, and cool shades on the walls will attract the eye to the corners of the home making it seem larger.


Lastly, be consistent. It may be tempting to use a different type of flooring in the kitchen or the bathroom, however doing that will only make the space seem cut up and small. If you have to change flooring material, stay within the same color if possible to make the floors seem consistent and seamless.


Choosing to live the Tiny House lifestyle is no small feat (pun intended). Making your home seem as much like a normal sized home may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.  Meet with us to discuss your tiny home needs, or, if you don’t have a tiny house but do have a tiny space, we will use the same methods to help you stretch the space out and make it seem much more spacious!