We’re so excited to watch the Superbowl this Sunday! Could it be because the New England Patriots will be going against the Atlanta Falcons for an absolutely epic showdown? Or maybe because we love watching the game with our friends and family, experiencing the thrill together? Let’s be honest, it’s Lady Gaga, right? We kid, we’re looking forward to a fun evening full of food and laughter, game and entertainment. As much fun as it is to yell and the T.V. and jump up and down with excitement, there are the inevitable spills, and possible damage to your floors due to extra traffic.


We know you don’t want to inconvenience your guests, but there are little things you can do to keep the fun going, and keep your floors safe as well. Here are our five tips:


  1. Slippers

There are a great selection of Falcons and Patriots socks and slippers on the market right now for a very affordable price. If you don’t want to spend the extra dough, you can even buy colored socks from any Walmart or Target for a nominal amount and let your guests keep them as a party favor.

  1. Rugs

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a decorative rug, maybe not, but this is a good time to lay an area rug under couches and chairs. Place a few runners in the areas where guests will be walking most, say between the bathroom, kitchen, and TV Room. These rugs and runners will help keep your floors safe and can be stored for later use. If you don’t want to spring for new rugs or runners, you can always invest in a rug pad and lay a tablecloth in your favorite team’s colors. Pick them up after the party, throw them in the wash, and store away for next time!


  1. Towels

Right now, the weather isn’t looking so great for Sunday. If the weather does turn for the worse and actually rains, you’ll want to have towels available to clean up dirt, water, or any other liquids that could harm your flooring. Splurge on a themed towel in your favorite team’s colors or with the team logo! You can always wash it afterwards and store it away to use the next time your team plays. Who knows, they may end up in the Superbowl again!


  1. Scheduled Cleaning

It’s not a good idea to wax your floors before a gathering no matter how much yoyu want to show off to your guests. Wax and other polishes will make the floor slippery and increase the likeliness of a food or drink spill. These spills will also be more likely to stick to the floors as well as dirt and grime from the outdoors. Run a dry mop to keep your floors free of debris. They’ll still look beautiful for your guests! Feel free to deep clean the floors after the guests have left.


  1. Have fun!

Clean or cleaning floors shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind. You should enjoy the party! We’re here to help with damaged floors or to recommend cleaning products and supplies if you need. Enjoy the game!