Spring is the official season of remodels-the weather is getting warmer which means more work can be done on the house, and if you’re prepping for a big tax return, many of you plan to reinvest it into your home. No matter how you and when you plan your remodel, there are some major trends that we think are here to stay in the Northern Virginia area that you should consider.


Ultra-Dark/Ebony Woods


Dark stains such as ebony, dark walnut, and warm Jacobean can make a bold statement in your design, giving your home a contemporary appearance. Dark hardwoods such as oak, walnut, and cherry are also Francisco pic 4 225x300 - Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodelideal for more traditional or classic homes. Either way, the colors you choose for the walls and design you select to tie the room together will ultimately determine the look you’re going for.


Lime-Washed Woods


You can also contrast bod hues in your home with a faint lime finish. This stain mutes dark ebony, oak or ash to create a more vintage, weathered look. You can choose to keep the soft, muted tones throughout your home, or contrast the floors with a bold design. The possibilities are endless!


Wide Planks


Northern Virginia seems to be in love with wide planked hardwood floors and for good reason. We are lucky enough to live in an area rich with history, and homes of our past only had wide planked floors. Wide planks range 5”-7” as opposed to the traditional 3 1/2” planks. These planks can create the illusion of space in a small area and are ideal for smaller living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms.


Gray Woods


With the help of Joanne and Chip Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, the charm of Urban Farmhouse Chic has swept the nation and become the most popular look of homes today. Gray flooring has found its place in modern and contemporary homes because of this. Gray floors come in a variety of shades from faint to dark and finishes from sleek to rustic. The versatile look is also great at hiding dust and scratches making it DC pic 4 300x200 - Five Growing Hardwood Trends for Your Spring Remodela wonderful addition to a busy home.


Making the Old New Again


We’ve also seen an influx of customers wanting to bring the original charm of their old floors back by way of salvaging them. Techniques like hand-scraping and wire brushing can add value to your hardwood floors. Have them stained to reveal the natural grain and rustic character. With all of the beautiful old homes we have in the area, it’s easy to take advantage of what’s already there.


Take a moment to sit down with one of our members of the design team. We will walk you through the processes to help you decide what you want and when you want it done. Take advantage of the spring season and get started on your remodel today!