As you know there are so many different types of flooring, not to mention the many different types of flooring just in hardwood! There are different sheens, shades, and finishes that must be taken into account for the look you are trying to achieve. You know you want hardwood floors, but how do you know what type is the best? Take these into consideration:


IMG_22371When it comes to finish, there are two types: factory and site finish. A site finish allows you to customize the floors on site; choosing the look you want for each floor or each room as you are designing it in real time. The possibilities offered are unlimited, and gives you an opportunity to truly make the floors of your own unique style. The disadvantage this however, is that as the flooring is being finished, it will be noisy and dusty in your home. If you are already in the process of remodeling you may already be prepared for this, but if you’re not, the dust and debris may be a hindrance to your daily activities. Also, once the floors are installed the finish must dry on-site as well, meaning, if you use that room on a daily basis, you will have to work around it, which may not be feasible depending on the design of your home’s layout.


Factory-finished wood floors are finished long before they reach your home. Although the choices are much more limited, the floors are installed with minimal dust and noise. Plus, after the floors are installed, you will be able to use the room immediately.


As far as sheen goes, it’s really a matter of preference. Some enjoy the 033-300x225look of Satin gloss finish (that offers the most shine) reflecting the most amount of light. Semi-gloss offers some shine and reflects some light, but is generally more muted. Satin or matte finishes reflect the least amount of light and are the most muted. Knowing the look you are going for (with or without the assistance of one of our designers) will help you in choosing the right sheen and finish for your room.


Have us help you decide how customized you want your floors to be, and the details associated with your choice. We will tailor the design according to your taste, the scope of the room and to your daily life activities. Choosing floors is a long term commitment; we will help you make the choice you’ll be happy with for a very long time!