We are ringing in the New Year with exciting and fresh flooring styles for 2022!  If you have been considering updating your home in the New Year, why not contemplate modernizing your flooring as it could just add the perfect dash of sparkle to completely transform and invigorate your living space!  Where 2021 was the year of brown hues, mineral streaks, and driftwood, 2022 promises exciting and beautiful flooring trends.  According to the experts at Architecture Ideas, flooring trends in 2022 focus on spaces that offer tranquility, adding coziness to living spaces and generally require less demanding maintenance making caring for your new floors a breeze.

We have outlined 7 new styles to spark inspiration!  When choosing your new flooring, don’t forget key considerations such as:  style, space, practicality, type, maintenance, installation and budget.


Laminate Flooring

(Image Source:  Empiretoday.com)

Laminate flooring provides a pocket-friendly and easy-to-install option for aesthetic flooring.  Semi-glossy laminates are gaining popularity as they are more convenient for use than highly glossy floors.

The style statement can be further elevated with an aged plank effect, whitewashed, or patina floor. These styles enhance the interiors of the space in a subtle way without bringing all the attention unto themselves.

Laminate flooring in a diagonal or herringbone pattern visually makes the space look large and injects sophistication to interiors. This flooring trend opens ideas for a wealth of possibilities to create unique, new styles.


Wood Floors:  Smoked Wood

(Image Source:  Indecortrends.com)

Nearly all forms of wood floors undergo staining to obtain the preferred finish. However, smoked hardwood floors obtain their rich color and grain without staining or chemicals. Instead, the wood is smoked in a sealed environment where ammonia is introduced.  The presence of ammonia causes the tannins present in the wood to be brought to the surface, altering the wood’s appearance and enhancing its natural beauty.



Wood Floors:  Bleached Wood

(Image Source: Architecturesideas.com)

Flooring trends in 2022 are predicted to head in the direction of bright brown spots on soft white shades of the floor. This flooring style is achieved by installing bleached wood. To lighten the tone, a chemical is poured over the wooden surface.  Bleached wood floors impart a classic look to the house and add a light, airy ambiance to the space.




Natural Stone

Image Source:  Diynetwork.com

The most popular natural flooring of 2022 is stone with its gorgeous appearance.  However, stone flooring demands greater attention as well as maintenance, and can be expensive. Fortunately, the flexibility to cut out custom patterns or create unique decors from stone slabs make up for the increased maintenance.  Stone flooring is quite versatile if considered from a design and visual appearance point of view.





(Image Source:  Behance)

Tile flooring in 2022 offers experiments with many possibilities of choices. As eco-friendly designs are leading the board in the design industry, a tile imitating natural materials is the best choice for achieving that.  With so many options in colors, materials, and laying patterns, tile flooring offers a chance to experiment and create a unique personalized flooring pattern.





Hexagons and Porcelain Tile

(Image Source:  Architecturesideas.com)

Hexagon tiles have been in trend for a long time for interior design. Flooring trends in 2022 are predicted to focus heavily on hexagonal tiles and other shapes to be added in the dining room, living area, kitchen, and other interior spaces.  These unconventional shapes can impart stunning aesthetics to any decor. With various sizes, textures, and colors that complement the decor, these flooring trends are slowly gaining popularity.



(Image Source:  Hackrea.com)

Though luxury tiles and plank floors have made it to the top trending styles, carpet flooring 2022 still sustains in the market. With the latest carpet models offering excellent qualities like water and stain-resistance, carpeting still remains a convenient and popular choice. Flooring trends 2022 replace the typical single-colored carpets with multi-colored options which are enhanced with patterns and/or texture. Carpeting offers a wonderful balance between budget and the high-quality and durability of the floor type.






If the above predictions hold true, it looks like 2022 will indeed be an exciting and highly decorative year in flooring!  Happy New Year and happy future floor shopping!

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