Flooring done right will last a long time. Picking the right design for your space and your personal style is incredibly important to ensure that you will like your floors the day after installation along with the years after. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will come straight to your space with samples and great design advice. If you’re looking for a flooring design that is unique and interesting, here are some great ideas!11 27 pic 3 225x300 - Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look Unique

One of the biggest demands that home buyers make is an open floor plan. Picking hardwood floors to span throughout your lower floors is extremely popular right now. While this trend leaves your main space feeling larger and open, flooring transitions may still need to occur, especially if the open floor plan includes your living room and kitchen. Consider going bold with your transition space by having a unique shape like honeycomb, or custom cut tiles to transition from hardwood to tile.

5 1 8 225x300 - Design Tricks To Make Your Floors Look UniqueContinuing the hardwood trend, there are many designs that can make your hardwood floors unique. Consider varying the lengths or colors of each board for an interesting look. Freshen up your existing hardwoods with a sand and refinishing or make it even more unique by staining them in alternating colors.

A big splash of colored or designed flooring in a small space can create a big wow factor! Some of the best places to use flooring with a bold tile design are bathrooms and front entryways. You can also mix and match different types of tiles in the same color family for an eye-catching effect.

When you’re ready to create a space that is truly unique, set up your consultation today. We will design the perfect flooring that will make you say wow!