It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of October, and snowy days are just ahead of us! If you haven’t already begun to decorate your home for the fall season, we have some suggestions for you to incorporate your flooring with the colors of the fall!


Recent-job-1The great thing about this season is the multitude of textures available in décor. Burlap, fur, fleece, and other elements can be tied in to any type of room with most any type of flooring. For example, If your floors are a light pine or bamboo color, black and orange blend in beautifully. Try a dark wooden bowl at your entrance, along with burnt orange pillows on your sofa. Dark eggplant purple looks great here too. Try leather pillows for a luxurious look, or a fur throw.


Summer and spring lend themselves to light and airy style elements, whereas fall and winter do well with heavier materials. Use copper and bronze, or stainless steel and wrought iron. Gold is big this season. Try swapping out your dining chairs for wrought iron, or a gold centerpiece. Oak floors are a great compliment to any metal you use and give your home a rustic feel. If you have a large floor vase, add wheat stalks or metal decorative rods to blend the styles together.


Distressed wood floors already lend themselves to a warm, inviting feel.  Bring that up to your furniture and use suede stools, vintage items, and textured wall panels to build a room that can be swapped out with each season. Patterns can be used in small spaces or to highlight one large wall. Don’t worry though, these aren’t looks that only pertain to the colder months. With just a few tweaks, you can bring your designed room in to spring, and transition into summer as well. It’s all about the little things, and when you bring in the flavors of fall, the floors will warm up and present a whole new look to itself.


Your floors are the largest design element of your home. Whether you choose flooring that’s modern, vintage, clean or traditional, the other style elements you choose whether it be in furniture or Woods-2décor will lend itself to an inviting feel for whatever the season may be. Let our stylists help you with certain style elements to see how your room can transition with each season.