You’re expecting a baby, congratulations! A baby can change so much in your life, most of all, your living area! So much change inspires many couples to create a special area to introduce baby to the world, and for that baby to grow into. Careful space planning is essential for both baby and parents, but the good news is, the baby doesn’t need much space at first (if you’re thinking of a temporary arrangement). Here are our tips on how you can create a beautiful nursery space.




Of course the magazines will lead you to believe you need to have that oversized ottoman, and the large bookcase for all of the books you will enjoy with your child, but don’t go overboard, and keep it realistic. What will you do with that ottoman or glider afterward? Do you have the square footage for all the furniture you think you need? If so, then by all means, go all out; but if you don’t Zambrano new 4have that much real estate, determine what you actually need (a dresser that doubles as a changer and a crib at the minimum) and consider what more you can put in there without overwhelming the space.





Storage Space


It’s hard to believe, but these little sweethearts seem to multiply their toys and books on a daily basis somehow (we still haven’t figured out how), and making space for all of their things can be a challenge. When floor space is limited, think vertical, and never underestimate the closet. It’s easy to use storage dividers in the closet to make space considering the child doesn’t have an overwhelming wardrobe yet.  Take advantage of bookshelves that can store toys, books, and other baby essentials. There are also storage boxes that fit under beds that work well with cribs to store clothing for the coming season or other non-essentials that need to stay in the room.


Time To Design!


This may be our new parent’s favorite part of converting a room or space into a nursery! Choose soft and relaxing wall colors that match your décor or theme, and consider extending wall colors on to the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher.  Painting one wall darker than the rest will make it visually recede if you need to make a small space look larger than it really is. Also, floor-length IMG_22351curtains hung a few inches below the crown molding will lift the ceiling, making the room look larger and airier.


Every parent has a different opinion on what type of flooring they want for the newest part of their family; some prefer carpet and some prefer hardwood. Whichever your choice, make sure it complements the rest of your home’s flooring. Talk to one of our designers about the existing flooring to find the right flooring for your baby’s space.


We want you to be as excited and happy about your new baby’s space as you were when you found out your life was going to change forever! Let us help you create the perfect space to welcome him or her home!