An open floor plan is a design trend that shows no sign of slowing in popularity. But older homes often lack openness and instead have a bunch of separate rooms, not conducive to modern living. More and more older properties are being adapted in order to suit the growing desire for large, open, airy spaces. This layout offers a feeling of spaciousness without having to increase the home’s overall square footage. An open floor plan is defined as two or more rooms, excluding bathrooms and bedrooms, that are located within a larger common area. 

While this open floor plan is popular amongst most homeowners, it can be hard to prevent the kitchen, living, dining and family areas from becoming blurred together and feeling disorderly. This will be a multi-part series on ideas to help maximize your open floor plan.

Using a divider. There are many options to help a natural separation to rooms. 

The idea of using an open bookcase to separate areas serves as double duty – both storage and division. Leaving some open space on shelves allows light and natural brightness to filter through. Choosing a high-quality, sturdy furniture is important as you don’t want it to tip over. Always use an anchor or secure the freestanding unit to ensure it stays in place. 



Curtains can also go beyond just window treatments. They can be used as a room divider as well. It will help create softness and enhance the room’s ambiance, especially if sheer.


A screen divider can be an elegant way to break up a room. It can also add an artsy vibe to your space and become a great conversation starter. Since you want to make it feel intentional, consider your surrounding design and other architectural elements when selecting patterns, colors and material.





A glass partition helps block noise while letting natural light filter between the spaces. If you choose to obscure the view to further separate the rooms, consider etched or textured glass. You can also create a full glass wall with doors. This keeps it feeling open while allowing another user to shut the door and use the space without distraction.