Last week we talked about how to create more of a division of space in an open floor plan. There are many different ways to use a divider to create this illusion. Whether it’s an open bookcase, curtains, or a glass partition, this divider can help keep noise levels down and help create privacy without cutting off the room completely. 

This week we are going to talk about two simple things you can do with your space when trying to create zones for your interior.

Arranging your furniture is a great place to start and likely won’t even cost you a thing. By turning the backs of chairs and couches to the rest of your space is an immediate way to separate the area. You create intimate sections when you start to rearrange your furniture this way. So for example, if your living room is right next to your dining room, having your couch with it’s back to the dining table or facing chairs towards the fireplace, creates a natural feel of separation. 

Another easy way to create a strong visually distinct area is adding an area rug. They not only enhance your decor and add softness to the space but they help absorb noise, which is important when multiple activities and groups are in one place. Making sure your rugs are the appropriate size is also essential. A great tip is that the rug should fit at least one piece of main furniture in the room. When in doubt, always go bigger!