The entryway of a home is the jewel of what’s to come; most modern homes have an entryway or a ‘foyer’, but older homes, and smaller homes, don’t have the luxury of that kind of space. For many who want to have that ‘grand entrance’ but don’t have the space, it becomes especially challenging to define the entryway from the rest of the home. To do this, you need a little bit of design know-how, and a dedicated flooring that gives the guest a feel of a foyer without the actual dedicated area.


The flooring you choose for your ‘foyer’ should be easy to clean and durable. This is where most of your foot traffic will take place, and the flooring should be able to handle the shoes and muck and act as the buffer before your guests enter the rest of your home. Also, it’s important you choose a flooring your home can grow old with; meaning, don’t go too crazy with the style. This is the headline to the paragraph of your home, and should pair nicely with the rest of the home. Lastly, because this is a high traffic area, you want to make sure the flooring you choose isn’t too specialized or unique in case of damage. You want to be able to restore the floor if it’s damaged, and if you’ve chosen a difficult to find tile, you may have to pull up all the hard work you put into Larson pic 7your makeshift foyer.


Some of the most popular choices for foyer flooring are:



Dark and rich in color with veining and character, slate is a popular choice for it’s durability and unique look. If something were to happen to a tile, it’s easy to replace, and still retain that unique look. Slate can be a little difficult to clean, but with a little elbow grease, you can maintain your slate, and showcase the rest of your home.



A more budget-friendly option and alternative to slate is porcelain. Porcelain tiles are easy to keep clean and are quite durable. If you want the look of slate in porcelain, it’s easy to choose a dark tile that mimics the look of slate. You won’t find the same texture here, but you can certainly be inspired by the natural look of slate.



Believe it or not, cork is a great option for an entryway for its sound and shock absorbency, how easily it cleans, and water-resistance. It’s a great choice for homes with children or for homes with a lot of in-and-out traffic.


Woods-runnerUse decorative throw rugs and other design elements such as a bench or small table to enhance the area and make it feel like a real foyer. Our designers are available to help you carve out a dedicated foyer for the home that doesn’t already have one and give you that much needed buffer between the front door and the rest of your home!