holiday room black white and red - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday PartyWhat a wonderful time of year; the lights, the festivities, and all of the decorations, are probably our favorite parts if it all (including the sweets)! All faiths come together in this one month of celebration, and everyone celebrates with their own traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Yes, it’s a wonderful time of year, especially for Kruper Flooring!


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to bring good cheer to your home; there are many ways you can decorate and set an inviting tone to celebrate the month of holidays!


When friends and family arrive at your home, make your entryway festive and inviting. Decorate with holiday wreathes, garland, and lights with your favorite colors. Don’t be afraid to use what 2Q== - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday Partyyou may already have such as flower pots, or other decorative touches. Simply dress them to fit the occasion!


We know how easy it is to go overboard with décor, but when your guests walk in, you want them to drink it in slowly; not be hit by a wave of red and green. Keep the décor of your entryway/foyer simple and neat; maybe a simple garland, or festive pillows on a bench, and save the major decorations for larger spaces. Use festive plates to display snacks and feature a festive punch. If your guests are bringing children, use holiday themed gifts to keep them entertained so parents can relax.


People will naturally walk around with food and drinks, so take care to add extra coasters where needed, and be mindful of spills on your wood floors or carpet. Keeping cleaning supplies nearby will help negate stains. Also, if you feel bold, you may ask your guests to remove their shoes. Heels can do a lot of damage to a floor; if your guests are comfortable with taking their shoes off, you may want to have an area available for them to store their shoes until they leave.


t1e7b529e32888b576 - Creating a Holiday Home For Your Holiday PartyIf you haven’t thought if it yet, you may want to make sure the protective felt under the feet of your furniture is still intact, and if they’re worn down, make sure to replace them.


If damage has been done to your floors, or you planned to wait until after the party to have them replaced anyway, give us a call for a quote before you have the party. We can help you decide what you will do with your old floors, how to care for your not so old floors, and what new floors you should transition to. Yes, it is a great time of year! Enjoy the Holidays stress-free!



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