More and more, people are opting out of high-priced gyms and investing that money into creating a gym in-home. Many are taking current rooms that were once reserved as sitting rooms or formal dining rooms and transforming them into high quality workout areas. In new homes, this is becoming an increasing option builders are offering in order to keep with today’s hectic lives and demands.


Wanderer pic 4So, how can you take an unused room and turn into your personal oasis? First, find the room you use the least, or, if you prefer, turn a bedroom or a portion of your basement into your dream gym. In any case, you may not need to use the entire room. There’s always the option of making it a multi-purpose room such as a guest room/fitness area.


Many times a TV is required to watch workout DVD’s; mount a smart TV and other tech accessories to keep them off the ground. Smart TV’s offer internet access and YouTube has a huge variety of workout videos to choose from.


If there’s a closet in this room, this is where you can store your foam rollers, exercise balls, and weights. Consider switching out the doors for mirrored doors for a bonus. If you don’t have a closet in the room, designate a spot to store your workout gear, and mount a large mirror on the wall. Trim the perimeter to give it a nice frame.


Perhaps the space will be used as a dance studio as well. Install a bar along the mirrored wall to make the room a truly multi-purposeful room.


If the space you’re creating is a yoga retreat, add candles and incense, and keep the wall colors cool and calm like a soft, light blue, or a simple white. Use bamboo décor to tie the room together.


Regardless of the type of in-home gym you plan to create, your floors are important. Carpet isn’t suited for workout spaces, so if you have a plan to convert a carpeted room, use these flooring choices as alternative options:


Wood floors in wide plank, or otherwise, are a great option for workout areas. The smooth, hard feeling beneath your feet are great for workouts (there’s a reason gyms choose these for their IMG_1474classrooms!) Talk to one of our designers about your vision and they will help you choose the best style and color for your room.


Another option would be cork or even rubber floors. If wood floors are just too hard for your feet, and hardwood doesn’t align with your overall plan for the room, cork and rubber feel soft underfoot and come in a variety of options (no, not just the dark grey kind every gym has!) Our designers will ask how you plan to use the room, and help you take that unused portion of your home, and make it excellent!