Winter may not officially be here, but the chill is in the air, and will be for a while! It’s time to put aside the fall decorations, and make the house cozy and ready for the impending winter season.


We tend to become hibernators in the winter season, wanting to surround ourselves with warmth and comfort. The warm cup of hot cocoa, and fuzzy slippers have replaced the lightness of all of the other months, and the same goes for your home décor (including your flooring!) Flooring transitions from one season to the next seamlessly, especially hardwood, but how you present it; with decorative touches and small changes, you can showcase your winter wonderland!


Sanchez pic 1Summer and spring bring light and bright colors and décor; items with smooth lines, and clear spaces in between to keep the area looking and feeling cool. During the winter months, bring in elements like faux fur, velvet, leather, and cashmere to make the home more cozy and ‘cave-like’. Use pillows and throws to give the sense of warmth without breaking the bank, and stay in the neutral cream and earth tones to keep it contemporary and up to date.  Soft blues and grays work great along with area rugs too. Focus on textured area rugs to continue on the warm and cozy theme.


Now is the time for your fireplace to take center stage! Add elements to tie the look together here, bringing in natural wood (even if you have a gas fireplace) to inspire the room. If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry! Sanchez pic 2With modern technology, it’s possible to use a free standing fireplace in almost any room!


If the flooring you have is stone or ceramic, you may be concerned on how you can warm up such a cold tile. It’s certainly possible with the right elements. The overall theme here is soft and cushy, so use suede fabrics, faux fur, and candles to tie the look together. Make the space about hearth and home, and find inspiration on Pinterest or other inspiration boards.


If you are transitioning the flooring in your room, don’t let the season be a major factor in your decision making process. Any kind of flooring will work within your winter theme with the right design elements. Choose Recent-job-1your floors based on the overall look and feel of the room or home, your budget, and how well the flooring will blend with the existing floors (assuming the change is to a space; not to the entire home).  Meet with one of our designers to help you choose the right flooring and how you can incorporate the winter theme!