When the kids are growing up, many times, the basement is used as a children’s space. Bright, colorful walls, carpeting, and toys make it a great space to divide the adults from the children and give them a place to grow and play. But after the years have passed, and the children are all grown up, you’re left with a basement that looks more like a preschool than an alternate place to entertain. Transform your space into a place you can either entertain friends, or relax in a more mature setting with just a few changes.


Most basements are lacking in light, so choose colors that will reflect the light you have by painting the walls a light color with a gray undertone. Using a color with a gray undertone will not only evoke a soothing feel to hutchison_pic_3the room, it’s also a more mature, sophisticated tone. Try blue-gray, green-gray, or beige-gray (“greige”). These colors are also great neutral backdrops to set the stage for the furniture.


If you want pops of color, choose to wallpaper one wall as an accent wall, or add bright pillows or accents.  If your flooring allows, add color through area rugs or with throws.  Hanging unique wall art will also spruce up the basement and give it a more adult hangout vibe.


Choosing furniture for your basement is slightly different than in the main area of the home. Most people want their basement to have a cozy, cave like feel to it, so choosing comfortable chairs, cushioned sofas, and perhaps a sectional. Choose soft fabrics like microfiber to give the room an even cozier feel. If you have windows, even if they’re small ones, put up curtains to give it more if an “established room” look.


Flooring is probably the single most effective way to transform a space, and with the basement, choosing something extraordinary will pull the whole room together. Choose a flooring that reflects your style, and feel Dave-s-basement-design-picfree to get a little fancy! Use two different types of flooring for separation purposes, or use one type for a clean look throughout.  Luxury vinyl tile works great in a basement as a way to make the space look more sophisticated, yet still be durable and moisture resistant at the same time.


Don’t be afraid to add accents as needed to make the space fit the overall look of the room you desire. Talk to one of our design experts who will help you pull together  the look you want and make the space adult-friendly!