If you’re interested in creating a contemporary style for your home, it’s important to get the flooring right. Contemporary interior design reflects the moment’s most up-to-date images, often honoring the best styles of the past by putting a refreshing, new spin on them.
When you are updating your home to be more aligned with contemporary style, one of the best places to start is your flooring. Contemporary homes have flooring that matches the clean lines that this style is known for. Choosing the right modern flooring doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to start by knowing the principles for contemporary styles and what elements you want to incorporate into your space.
Many designers start by selecting their flooring first and then using it as an anchor for the entire home. The flooring helps guide your paint selection, furniture color and even the decor textures and tones. Even how the flooring is laid determines how pieces will be positioned in the room and whether they flow with or against the lines in the floor.
Consider these contemporary flooring options to help create the ideal modern-looking home.

Tile flooring is one of the only materials that is able to achieve the long, sweeping, rigid look of a contemporary home. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a range of neutral tones, including slate grays, refined ivories and rich browns. They are designed to resemble natural minerals which give the tiles distinct texture. Tile naturally adds dimension to any room, no matter if you choose a wood or stone look.

Hardwood is a staple of many different styles but the color of the wood helps to maintain a sleek and shiny aesthetic. For contemporary hardwood, opt for a lighter stain. Typically, the lighter the wood, the better it will match your style. A warm oak or light gray will make your space not only appear larger but brighter as well.

The laminate of today allows you to achieve the look of wood, tile and even ceramic flooring but with an unparalleled level of durability and longevity. This flooring is one of the best modern house flooring options because it allows you to achieve an authentic stylish look but at the fraction of the price of other flooring.

Vinyl flooring has evolved tremendously over the years. It now is one of the most popular flooring options for contemporary homes. It is able to mimic natural materials and comes in a range of wood or stone-like designs that gives you the modern texture. It can help you achieve the grey tile or even a concrete look that is popular in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. It is more affordable than other flooring options and is a great option for a family home as it is very durable.
Luxury plank vinyl is available in a wide range of colors so you can match it exactly to the contemporary style of your home.

Modern carpeting is a way to warm up your contemporary styled home. It is always desirable in living spaces and bedrooms but doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice contemporary aesthetics. While plus and shag isn’t a contemporary look, low pile carpeting like Berber or sisal help provide a minimalist look that is much more modern than high pile carpets. Carpet helps give you an array of neutral color options to help build your contemporary look.

Redoing the flooring in your home will instantly bring your whole design up-to-date instantly with smooth, sleek styles that are both elegant and modern. With the right colors and textures, you can take any flooring material and turn it into a contemporary look for your bedroom, kitchen or living room.