Thinking of renovating your home with a new floor? The process is long and complex, with lots of opportunities for mistakes. But when you have a professional, the end result can look amazing. 

For many people who try to renovate their floor, they end up making costly mistakes. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for. 

Not Plan Enough Time For Installation

Installation is usually twice as long as you might think. You should have plenty of time to do the actual work, but on top of that, you also need a few days after the work is complete before moving in furniture. 

Going Too Trendy

Renovators get very excited about the newest flooring trends. But if you’re looking to increase the value of your home, then a traditional look is a much safer bet. 

  • Trends go out of style very quickly, it’s hard to know what sticks
  • Traditional styles have already passed the test of time, you know they will stick

Not Matching Floors with Walls

One of the most common flooring mistakes we see is that the walls are not considered. Your walls and floor are a set that need to match. This doesn’t mean that the colors need to match, contrast can actually look very nice. But they need to work together. You cannot consider your floor without considering your wall. 

Not Enough Color

As we said, it’s actually important to embrace contrast. If all the colors match together without any contrast, then your room’s going to look monochromatic and well…boring. Adding color that contrasts well with your primary color(s) is key to a great looking home. Be sure to have multiple colors that all interact with each other for a vibrant look. 

With these flooring mistakes in mind, you’re much more prepared to handle your flooring renovation project!