Just as everything else, the pandemic forced a cosmic shift in style and trends. What was once in is now out, and a return to the known has become the most impactful trend of all. From this we’ve seen trends leading towards organics, cozier rooms and shades, then the grandmillenial became the newest buzz word. Now, we’re seeing a huge shift towards coastal grandmother, but what does that mean, and how can you incorporate this into your home?

The inspiration for this may have stemmed from people stuck at home with nothing but Netflix or the Hallmark channel to watch. These rom-coms started to shape perception and a reminder of the familiar, cozy way Nancy Meyers made us feel. There’s an easiness and classiness about the trend that TikTok ran off with and for once, we’re on board with whatever TikTok is telling us is cool.

So, let’s start with the picture. Imagine a wealthy, middle aged woman by the beach; what she’s wearing, what her color options would look like, and what her home may look like too. If you’ve seen Grace and Frankie on Netflix, and watched Jane Fonda episode after episode looking effortless classy, you’re on your way to the Coastal Grandmother trend.

There’s cashmere, there’s linen, the lines are clean but not cold, the elements are natural, but not organic. It’s the Hamptons, Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket. Heck, if you’ve paid any attention to Martha Stewart, you’ll see that she is the poster child of this movement!

While this movement looks similar to the grandmillenial trend, you’ll notice that that trend focuses on chints, florals, and pastels. The Coastal Grandmother focuses on a neutral palette and a more monochrome laid-back look.

There’s a mix of anitques and modern pieces, nubby knits, linen, mohair, and upscale furniture that brings an air of luxury to the design. Think creamy whites, soft gold, nautical shades of blue. The beach getaway (even if you’re nowhere near a beach).

This isn’t to say that you should decorate with seashells (although there are ways to do it in a very tasteful way that’s not too “this is a beach house” way), you want to evoke the air of cool without taking it too far down the beach house hole.

Coastal grandmother (just as grandmillenial) has staying power, unlike other fashion trends that have come and gone, this look is timeless and can be pivoted as new trends come along.

As presitgeonline.com recently wrote “The secret to acing this trend, wherever you live? A simple, measured approach. “It’s easy to incorporate the foundational design elements into [your] space,” Gray shares. “Start with a gauzy drape as a window treatment—to bring in natural light and add privacy—and continue to build up textures of white throughout your furniture and décor choices. As the trend really leans into slow living and life’s small moments, fresh flowers are absolutely a must to bring in some colour and cheer.”

Find inspiration with one of our design experts, and let us help you find the right balance between the trend and your personal style to create a timeless trend all your own.