Choosing carpeting is a long and thought out decision. Knowing which the best colors is, patterns, and type is crucial to the life of your carpet. For that expensive of an investment that is seen by everyone who enters your doors, you want your choice to be the best.


Once you’ve chose your carpet, you assume the decision making is over, right? Actually, your choice in padding is really what makes your carpet become the focal point of your home, or let it fall flat (no pun intended).


The main purpose for padding is to protect your carpet. This sheet of spongy material fits inside the tack strip that keeps your carpet in place. The pad keeps the underside of your carpet from wearing against the bare floor, absorbing the impact from footsteps and furniture. Without this cushioning, carpets lose on average 19% of their pile height.


Choosing the right padding for your carpet is an important and easily overlooked decision.  What we love about carpet though is all about the padding! The cushiness, the improved acoustics, the insulation properties and more are all enhanced by the right kind of padding (or lessened by the wrong padding).


When choosing padding, consider what you want to feel under foot. Do you like a soft or firm feel? If you have pets, you may want to consider a moisture-resistant or odor neutralizing pad. Choosing the wrong pad can sometimes void your carpet’s warranty, so start with your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, your family’s needs vary vastly from everyone else’s, which means the padding you use should be based on your individual choice; not just what the retailer offers you.


What kind of activities or traffic will the room see? If there are a lot of children consider thicker padding. If someone in your home uses a wheelchair, consider a firmer, thinner padding. The padding will make cleaning your carpet more efficient by raising the carpet slightly, reducing allergic reactions; a good choice for those with a family member who has sensitivities.


After you choose your carpet with one of our professionals, take the time to learn about your choices in padding as well. We want you to enjoy the life of your carpet, and what your padding can do to assist in doing just that. See us for details!