New flooring can be exciting; although the journey to choosing and then having the new flooring installed can be a little anxiety-inducing, it is nice to imagine what the possibilities of your new room can be. For some, this means having to choose a new floor lamp. This can be another level of anxiety-knowing what works best, choosing the right finish, and of course, the light! We break it down to just a few simple questions to ask yourself when deciding what floor lamp is best for your brand-new flooring.

What Kind of Light Do I Want?

Now, we don’t mean, what kind of look you’re going for, we’re going to get to that in a bit. What we’re saying is, how strong of a light do you need? Will this be a reading light? Will this lamp light up the whole room? What purpose do you want it to serve?

If you’re looking for a reading light, you should look for a lamp where the top of the lamp is about 60 inches high when measured from the floor. Depending on what kind of seating you have, you may want to play with that height a bit, but generally speaking, this height gives a good level of reading light and works well to prevent eye strain.

Keep in mind the shade is also important. A semi-translucent shade is best for a softer, ambient light, and an opaque shade works well when there’s other lighting in the room (meaning, it doesn’t fight the light) and is also good for highlighting artwork, a ceiling or wall feature, or just as an accent to your overall design.

What Style Do I Want?

Lamps come in a range of colors, and really should match the style of the room. You wouldn’t want to put an Industrial style lamp in a room with a beach theme, or a Tiffany-style lamp in a modern room. Stick to your room’s style, décor, and even the color of your main style pieces (so, if you use a lot of gold in the room, you may want to choose a lamp in the same shade of gold or something close to it).

What Look Am I Going For?

Do you want the lamp to be a conversation piece? Do you want it to stand out, or do you want it to blend in with the rest of the room or other lighting pieces? Decide what statement you want to make (or not make) and that will help with deciding how big you want this lamp to be as well.

In saying that, you’ll need to consider the size of your lamp in comparison to the scale of the room. You may want to make a statement with the floor lamp, but if it’s too large, you’ll create a conversation piece that’s not very forgiving. Get a tape measure and play with different sizes and heights to get a sense of what you like, and what works best in the room.

Will I Need More?

Depending on the room and what your use of it is, you may end up having table lights as well, or, perhaps there is a ceiling light that will work well with the table lights, and maybe, depending on the room, you may want to add a floor lamp too. This could work well depending on the style and type of room, but it could also make it look cluttered and confusing. Tread carefully when adding a lot of textures and styles to a room, it’s not for the faint of heart!

Whatever type of floor lamp you go with, the most important part is that it goes well with your flooring. Since this is going to be on top of whatever flooring you choose, you’re going to want them to both go together, and frankly, you want the lamp to stand both perfectly and sturdily! Talk to us about what you may have in mind for your room, or your floor lamp ideas if you have them. Our designers work with you on all aspects of the room to make sure you’re happy with your choices as a whole!