Kitchen remodels are just as much about the flooring you choose as the countertops you want. The floor ties together the look and style of your dream kitchen more so than the cabinets or lighting. Choose the kind of floors that will evoke the overall theme you want. Here are some options:



Rich cherry planks are a popular and durable floor choice. The dark brown or black streaks that run through the wood go well with traditional kitchens and really pop out with lighter cabinets.



Great looking floors that don’t break your bank are achievable with laminate floors. The myriad of finishes are easy to maintain and are much less expensive than hardwood. They’re also a great option for high traffic areas and are great for any type of kitchen.


Vinyl Tile:

Vinyl is easy to install and is as inexpensive and durable as laminate. If you want a big visual change for little money, this is your best option.  This isn’t a good choice for a higher end kitchen, but it will make an impact on a more casual kitchen, or an additional kitchen you may have in your home.



Tumbled, polished, honed, or brushed travertine ties together a rustic interior. Tumbled travertine resembles old stone pavers, as the other finish options each bring their own distinct looks.



Slate is a popular choice for high traffic areas, and has a dense, smooth texture making it durable, and moisture-resistant. Truth be told, it does take some getting used to with bare feet, but the pro’s to this choice far outweigh the cons. Add warmth to your vintage and rustic kitchen with this outstanding look.



Because they are moisture and stain-resistant, ceramic floors are a popular choice as well. The variation in tile styles will give any kitchen the look you want to achieve. Not the best option for 1high-end kitchens, however ceramic tiles will finish the look of a mid-range kitchen giving it a high-end look!



Bamboo will really give your modern kitchen the finish you’re looking for! Bamboo is durable and sustainable, reducing our dependence on hardwoods.



Hear me out; concrete is a popular alternative to stone or tile, and gives your kitchen a distinctive warmth adding old-world character. It will also serve as a great highlight to your ultra-modern kitchen depending on the type of stain you use. Concrete is versatile, and durable making it a strong contender in flooring choices!



Pine floors warm up a room and go well with metal-focused kitchen, eclectic kitchens, and vintage country kitchens. Mix it up and have fun with it!


There are so many more choices like wide-plank, re-purposed wood, and brick to name a few. To make your choice an easy one, consult with one of our flooring experts. We will take the overall style, your family’s needs and your budget into consideration and give you the flooring to make your guests (and you) say wow!