Most times when redoing a room, you go to your local hardware store and choose wall colors that best match your current mood and style. But, what if you’ve done that and now it’s time to change the floors? You want your flooring to look good in every room; after all, it is a big investment. How do you choose flooring to match the current colors on your walls?


Uttaro hardwood 3If your walls are rich in color, you want your floors to compliment them. For example, wood floors with golden, orange or reddish undertones work well with warm-toned colors. Buttery yellow walls look great with gold-toned woods, and rust or terracotta walls match well with orange-toned woods. Walls anywhere in the purple family are complimented by woods with rich, red undertones. If your walls are in the blue or green family, look for floors with gray or ash.


If matching and complimenting takes the back seat for your contrasting tastes, try finding shades that are on the opposing sides of the color wheel. For example, if your walls are a blue-gray color, go for flooring that has orange undertones. The warmth in the walls with make the cool tones in the walls pop! Adversely, if your walls are any shade of green, wood floors with reddish undertones work best. For a real contrasting look go with flooring with golden tones against lilac walls; peach walls or those with a gold undertone really pop against gray or ashy wood tones.


If you want to play up light or dark colors, you can have a lot of fun experimenting! For example, deeply colored walls like eggplant or maroon make pine floors look more high-end. White, gold, and orange walls actually brighten up a room with dark mahogany floors.


Have fun with the floor colors, and, if you’re just not sure what floors would go best with the colors on your walls, or your furnishings, have one of our professionals come to your home and review with you the best flooring options for your room(s)!