Using That “Carpet” of Leaves

It was late coming, but leaves are finally starting to turn, making for a spectacular color show. But of course, that means the leaves will be littering our lawns soon. And once they’re on your lawn you have to pick them up and dispose of them, right? Well, not necessarily.

scott webb obKbq4Z3cuA unsplash 300x203 - Using That "Carpet" of LeavesA lot of gardeners and gardening experts recommend shredding autumn leaves. You don’t need a special tool, simply running over piled leaves with a lawnmower will do. There are machines called “leaf shredders” and you can also use a wood chipper, but those come with a big price tag.

But why even bother shredding leaves? Well, the folks at have come up with several good reasons.

If you’re planning to simply dispose of your leaves, shredded leaves are easier to bag up. Shredded leaves take up a lot less space in bags, meaning you’ll use fewer bags (and save a little money!)

You can also use shredded leaves in your garden over the winter to protect plants. Layering six inches of shredded leaves over cold-weather vegetables means you will be able to harvest them all winter.

Organic gardeners love using shredded leaves to make leaf mold or compost. advises us to put the shredded leaves into plastic bags and “After one to three years, fungus will have broken the leaves down to a special compost that smells like a walk through the woods. Leaf mold is high in calcium and magnesium and retains three to five times its weight in water—rivaling peat moss.”

At Kruper Flooring Design we don’t help with your outside “carpet” but we will help you with your inside carpet and flooring needs. Give us a call!

We Love Dogs…But Your Floors May Not!

Fido, Sadie, Daisy or Spot, whatever the canine apple of your eye is named, they can be rough on your hardwood floors. Nails can scratch your beautiful floors, turning them into a real mess. Here are some tips to help make sure your dog doesn’t damage your floor.

The easiest way to protect the wood from sharp nails is by placing runners in high-traffic areas. Each family will have different areas where dogs spend the most time. In some homes it will be the kitchen, in others, it could be hallways outside of bedrooms or even the area nearest the front door. If you have a doggie door, placing a weather-proof runner in front will help with scratches as well as help keep the floor clean.

Floor runners also serve a double purpose, they can keep your dog from sliding across floors. Some dogs are nervous on slick floors, runners can help them keep their balance.

nail clip - We Love Dogs...But Your Floors May Not!

Designer nail caps for your dog!

There are also products on the market called nail caps that fit directly over each individual toenail. They’re made of soft plastic and most dogs don’t seem to mind them. You can even get them in designer colors. They’re surprisingly easy to put on and remove, but if you have a frisky dog you might want to ask a friend to help. Also, check with your groomer, some will place them on your pooch after clipping their nails.

Speaking of clipping nails, be sure to keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Some dogs have nails that grow surprisingly quickly. Ask your groomer how often your dog’s nails need to be trimmed.

5 3 5 225x300 - We Love Dogs...But Your Floors May Not!

Beautiful floors installed by KFD.

Depending on how many rooms in your home have hardwood floors, and how easily it is to train your pupper, you can teach them to not enter areas with hardwood floors.

If these tips are too late, and you need to repair or replace your floors, KFD would be happy to help. Be sure to contact us for your flooring needs.

Should You Go Gray?

If you’ve spent any time on home improvement sites or design blogs, you’ve probably seen tons of gray. It’s a very popular color for walls, but also on floors. Gray can certainly be a striking choice, ideal for a bold statement in a living area.  There is also something soothing about gray that makes it popular for bedrooms. With all of the gray around, you may find yourself wondering “should I go gray?”

Even though the gray trend seems to have started off in Europe it’s definitely popular here in the States as well. But will gray flooring work in your space? While it all depends on your style, there’s almost certainly a shade of gray that will work on your floors. 

8 13 8 225x300 - Should You Go Gray?

Gray carpet installed by KFD

If you’re thinking of using gray carpet, the shade you use should depend on where you’ll be installing it. If you’re putting it in a busy space in your home, like a living room or a family room, a medium gray or a patterned carpet is a good choice. As you can see, we installed a gray carpet with a pattern in one of the busiest areas of a home: the staircase.  If you’re having trouble imagining gray carpet in your living areas, the design website Houzz has come up with 7 Ideas to tweak your imagination. 

Gray hardwood flooring are also a great choice. There are multiple shades of gray to choose from. The gray hardwood flooring fits with many different styles, from farmhouse kitchens, to contemporary or modern living rooms. Kruper Flooring and Design can help you decide if gray fits your flooring needs.

Living Room Flooring Design Ideas

This time of year many homeowners are thinking of ways to spruce up their living areas before friends and relatives visit for the holidays. One big-impact upgrade is new flooring. Visitors to your home will instantly notice if you get rid of tired carpets or scratched hardwoods. Once you decide to take the plunge, you may be stumped on what you should replace your old flooring with. We’ve gathered together some of the most stylish trends to help you to decide what you want your home to look like:

Light Colored Woods

Grey floors have been a popular choice for designers and homeowner for awhile now and that doesn’t seem like it will change soon. But blonde wood is gaining in popularity. Light and airy, blonde flooring works with almost all design styles.

Patterned Wood Floors

Patterned wood floors are no longer just for kitchens and the Boston Celtics. Take a look at social media and you’ll see that more and more people are jazzing up their living areas with patterns, in particular herringbone and chevron. What’s the difference between the two, you ask? The folks at the home design website MyDomaine do a good job of explaining. 

“Green” Flooring

While hardly a new trend, flooring made from renewable materials such as bamboo or cork remains popular with home owners. Carpeting made from recycled materials is also becoming more and more common. These types of flooring solutions are environmentally friendly, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re hoping to get new flooring installed before the upcoming holiday season, act soon. We recommend that you budget at least three weeks for carpet and four weeks for hardwood, laminate, tile or engineered flooring.

2 Bathroom Floor Trends For Your Renovation Project

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, it can be difficult to come up with a design idea that is both practical for what the room needs while also looking aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want a bathroom that looks like it came from the 70’s but you also want something that can withstand high moisture. 

Tiles are still the best way to go for bathrooms, and luckily there are many ways to decorate tiles so that your bathroom looks contemporary. Here are two bathroom floor trends for your renovation project. 

Geometric Pattern

Geometric pattern tiles are one of the biggest trends for 2019, not just in the bathroom but for anywhere in the home. This look is great for big, bold floors that make a statement. It’s a great option that allows you to customize it however you like. Geometric patterns are a great way to turn your floor into a feature for your bathroom. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is another huge trend for 2019 and it is growing quickly. As more millennials enter the market, we see greater shifts towards natural materials. Natural stone add a sense of warmth and comfort to a bathroom, as opposed to more chilling white tiles. Having darker colors makes a room more comforting and more modern, bringing your bathroom to the 21st century. 

If you’re thinking about trying these trends, or any others for your bathroom, be sure to give us a call. Not only can we install your floor for you, we can help you make a decision as you plan your dream home.

Common Flooring Mistakes

Thinking of renovating your home with a new floor? The process is long and complex, with lots of opportunities for mistakes. But when you have a professional, the end result can look amazing. 

For many people who try to renovate their floor, they end up making costly mistakes. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for. 

Not Plan Enough Time For Installation

Installation is usually twice as long as you might think. You should have plenty of time to do the actual work, but on top of that, you also need a few days after the work is complete before moving in furniture. 

Going Too Trendy

Renovators get very excited about the newest flooring trends. But if you’re looking to increase the value of your home, then a traditional look is a much safer bet. 

  • Trends go out of style very quickly, it’s hard to know what sticks
  • Traditional styles have already passed the test of time, you know they will stick

Not Matching Floors with Walls

One of the most common flooring mistakes we see is that the walls are not considered. Your walls and floor are a set that need to match. This doesn’t mean that the colors need to match, contrast can actually look very nice. But they need to work together. You cannot consider your floor without considering your wall. 

Not Enough Color

As we said, it’s actually important to embrace contrast. If all the colors match together without any contrast, then your room’s going to look monochromatic and well…boring. Adding color that contrasts well with your primary color(s) is key to a great looking home. Be sure to have multiple colors that all interact with each other for a vibrant look. 

With these flooring mistakes in mind, you’re much more prepared to handle your flooring renovation project!