Selecting flooring comes with a myriad of things to consider. From style to color, to coordination with your existing décor, you have a lot to think about! If carpeting is your choice, you must also consider what damage a pet could do. No one says you should replace Mr. Kitty, but knowing how to fix the issues that pets cause on a carpeted floor will keep everyone happier in the long run.

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We’ve put together a list of what we’ve come across with pet owners that seem to cause the most issues. If there are more you can add to our list, put them on our Facebook page, or add in the comments!


Pet Hair:


Hair can be a little difficult to get out of carpet, depending on the type of carpet you have. It’s a good habit to vacuum twice a week, and use a lint roller where possible. If twice a week vacuuming is more than you can do, try not to go more than a week before vacuuming, or else the hair will start to find its way deep into the fibers.


Pet Accidents:


A pet soiling your carpet is sometimes unavoidable. Dogs and cats can be well house-trained and still have an accident sometimes. The best way to clean or care for your carpet without making irreparable damage is to clean the area as soon as it happens. If you have enzyme treatments (of which you can get from any pet store) you can clean up urine and stains from solids quite easily. Keep your pet away from the area until the carpet is completely dry to avoid further damage.4 9 pic 7 e1491833085359 225x300 - Carpet Care for Pet Owners


Pet Odor:


Pet odors tend to happen from one of two problems: accidents, or excessive hair. If you’ve been cleaning the hair consistently and staying on top of accidents, and the carpet still smell, you can use an enzyme treatment with a carpet cleaner to help draw out the smell. There are also vinegar and baking soda treatments you can try, but first run them by us to make sure neither will do damage to the fibers.


Keeping the house clean is of course important for health reasons, both physical and mental, however, we know it can be difficult with pets and or a family that’s always on the go. If you have questions or concerns about your carpeting and how to maintain it and the relationship you have with your pet, set up an appointment with our designers. We want to make sure you, and Mr. Kitty are completely satisfied!