It’s the beginning of 2016, and the promise of the new year may be bringing a new chapter to your life. Christmas is  a popular time for engagement, and for couples to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. It’s a romantic idea until the boxes and dear love show up, and you realize, you really need to make some changes.


So, is it possible to comfortably and harmoniously live together and decorate your new space together? Of course it is! You both love each other, and there are clear ideas you  are both aligned with (or else you wouldn’t be a couple!), so finding common ground won’t be that difficult if you stick to these tips:


Larson pic 5One of the major reasons couples argue is no doubt, the budget. Setting a budget and a timeline in which you want your space finished (whether its with decorating a new space, home improvement, or a major design project) to make sure you’re on the same page. Also, create a list of importance; what’s important, what’s an ideal, what is necessary, and what can be compromised on. Find what is at the top of your importance list, and list down from there. If you both know what the other is considering important and non-important, you’re less likely to fight over things as the project moves along.


You and your partner should also discuss design style. Perhaps he likes modern tile flooring, and she likes rustic wide plank wood. Knowing what the other likes and doesn’t like is the first step to finding what you may like together. As you discuss, use shared experiences as inspiration. Perhaps your first trip together was to France, or India; use those elements in color, style, or design as the foundation of your project.


If neither is willing to concede, you may be able to bring the two elements you both love together and make it work, depending on the styles. Look on or HGTV .com or even Google your two styles together to find inspiration. You’re a growing couple, and this is a great time to merge your mutual likes together to create something entirely new and different.


Speaking of being a couple, you should conquer your project as partners. Use each other’s strengths and weaknesses and tackle the project accordingly. Are you great at choosing colors? Does yourWoods-2 partner have a great eye for use of space? Maybe you would love a stylish area to study or read, and maybe your partner loves the idea of a rustic kitchen. Blend these together to help you navigate through your project, and create a space that is uniquely the both of you.


If you aren’t sure where to start with your floors, set up your appointment with one of our designers. We will take your likes and dislikes and help you create a look you can both live with together!