Life’s gotten pretty cushy in the last few years. Thirty years ago, you had to get up and change a channel manually, you had to dial manually, you had to get in your car and go to wherever you wanted to buy something from, and if you wanted to talk to a friend or a family member, you’d have to see them face to face. Now, pretty much everything is available at your fingertips; with all the ease of online shopping, and online connecting, who needs to go in store anymore? The reasons are more beneficial than you think.


We’re not going to say everything is better in a brick-and-mortar; surely you can buy many things online, sight unseen. But some things like jeans, shoes, bathing suits, and flooring really should be seen in real life, and tried on just like anything else. What you see online may not be the same as if you saw it face to face.



In saying that, when you do decide to order something online, and then decide you don’t like it, it’s a complete hassle to return materials. Even if the website you’ve ordered items from offers free Larson pic 2returns (in which case free returns are quite rare), sending something bulky or fragile through the mail is quite the headache. Most likely, you’ll settle for a design you don’t really care for just to avoid the mess of sending it back. This is easily avoided by going into a showroom and doing hands-on shopping instead.



Another case in which in-house shopping is a winner, is when you have questions about your flooring. Your ideas of what may look good in your room/space may not translate well once the floors are in. Also, with the automated question box that online stores offer you, its hard to tell whether your questions are being fully (and rightfully) answered. Showing a designer pictures of your space, or even better, having a designer come to your home to see the rooms in real life gives you the assurance that you will get exactly what you want.



So, let’s say you decided to go with an online flooring option, and you’re ready to buy. Did you happen to get sticker shock at the shipping costs? The added expense of shipping your flooring will drive the cost of materials so high, you could save a bundle just by walking into our showroom instead. Take that extra shipping money you would have spent and buy your home something nice to header-aboutUsgo with those brand new floors!


We’re not against online shopping, but there are some things that just can’t be replicated by technology. Don’t go for the synthetic version of customer service with zero shopping assistance. Ask our designers to come to your home, see your vision with you, and help you select the flooring you will love for a lifetime!