Some styles come and go (anyone else remember the black, gold and peach look of the 80’s?), and some are so classic, it’s hard to imagine a time without it. Rustic is a way for many to connect themselves to the past incorporated with today’s modern touches.


IMG_1848These days, you don’t have to wait on a barn to be dismantled to get those rustic wood floors-rustic flooring come in a variety of different ways; choosing the material that makes the most financial sense to your budget is really the only criteria in finding the best flooring. Of course, you could choose solid hardwood that has either been reclaimed or finished with stains, distressing, or hand-scraping. This type of flooring is understandably the most costly with the amount of artisanship involved. However, if you appreciate the look but are not looking to spend a small fortune, you may want to choose newly harvested hardwood flooring which has been given the same look. Choose wide planks with character marks in a washed out or matte tone to make it look more weathered.  You could also opt for a deep, golden tone that infers years of waxing or oiling.


Engineered hardwood is a great option for those who want to spend a bit less and wants flooring that can withstand fickle Virginia weather. Engineered hardwood is made of several ply layers bonded together in intense atmospheric conditions. The top layer of an engineered hardwood is made of the premium wood and can be as much as half the price of solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is as close to the real thing as possible.


If these two options are still too expensive for you, all is not lost! Rustic Style Laminate Flooring is a great choice for a home you don’t consider your ‘forever home’, a vacation or rental home, or if your budget is just tight. These days manufacturers are creating an increasing array of rustic flooring options.


If laminate just sounds too cheap to you, try the popular luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT). There are many rustic wood options, and, unlike wood, is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. If LVT isd054e39818c1eafe8f53e74de0a1233c - Bring That Rustic Look To Your Homemore your speed, try to choose from the top range brands; these brands will put more effort into creating realistic planks. You wouldn’t believe it’s not wood!


Another alternative you wouldn’t believe isn’t wood is wood looking ceramic tile. Many choose this flooring in kitchens and bathrooms as well as foyers and sunrooms.  If you’re looking to make your basement more luxurious and worry about moisture warping the flooring, this is an excellent option!  There are wide planks, distressed and had-scraped effects that will make your guests look twice at your beautiful flooring!


The options really are endless; ask one of our design consultants to discuss these and any other alternatives to reclaimed wood, or, if you want reclaimed wood, to help you understand the process. Choosing flooring should be a pleasurable experience. Let us help!