Carpets are best recognized for adding an extra level of comfort and beauty to a living space, but they can also add to the overall safety of your home.

Here are some things to consider for how carpet can improve the safety and security of your household:

1.Injury Prevention

Having a safe home means making sure you and your family are safe from sources of danger. Whether you are an aging adult or have young children, falls are concerning so it is important to consider aspects 11 16 pic 2 e1510841034947 225x300 - Boost Your Home Security with Carpetof your home that may reduce the likelihood of a fall. Carpeting reduces the chances of slipping and falling, and if you do fall it is more likely to be cushioned by the extra padding that carpet provides, reducing the chance of serious injury.

Carpet better protects you from wood floors, tile, or other surfaces due to the friction experienced when moving across a carpet in comparison to walking on other floor surfaces. A concern for older adults, carpet also does not disguise dangerous spills such as water on the floor, which may be harder to see on a wooden or tile floor. While carpet may absorb the spill and need repairing or cleaning, it will not linger on the surface of the floor, increasing your risk of a fall.

2. Improving Home Security Systems

Carpeting within the home allows homeowners to use additional security sensors with their home security system. A type of sensor called a pressure pad can be used in conjunction with carpeting, detecting a change in weight or force exerted on them. They detect intruders when placed in locations where someone will most likely step on them, such as the threshold between rooms. Pressure pads are concealed under the carpet and do not alert an intruder that they are there.

3. Providing a hiding spot

It may sound like something out of a mystery novel or old detective show, but carpeting provides homeowners with additional hiding spots throughout their home. Small high-value items can easily be 10 25 pic 8 225x300 - Boost Your Home Security with Carpetconcealed underneath carpeting, especially rugs since they are easily lifted. An emergency cash stash or a spare key can be left under the carpeting and no one will realize it unless the object is protruding or visible in any way. Make sure that whatever you have hidden does not become obvious when you walk over the rug or change the appearance of the carpeting. It is probably unwise to leave a spare key under a mat outside your front or back door, since this commonly used hiding spot to prevent being locked out may put your home at risk.