We’ve never met a client who likes one style, and one style only; you’re a unique person with a unique story, and the things you like reflect that! You want your home to be a place you love to be, but you also don’t want to create a space that’s confusing and overwhelming. We understand that, and offer tips on how to blend your favorite styles to create a home that is uniquely yours.


Sanchez pic 2Sometimes it’s not so much about the styles you like, as it is the type of home you live in Virginia and D.C.  have some of the most beautiful historic homes; making it a challenge if you lean towards a more contemporary style. It is possible to honor the outside and inside of your home with touches that marry your personal style and the architecture.


If you live in an historic home and want to incorporate a more contemporary style, start with your floors. Today’s floors feature a rustic, hand-scraped look to them that is a good companion to your historic home. No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get that look; you can easily achieve this look with luxury vinyl flooring. Add some pops of color with throw pillows or layers of textiles.


Perhaps your style is more cleanly lined like a Scandinavian themed home, yet you appreciate industrial accents. The two styles marry well with a light, gray wide planked floor. Bring in a studded leather settee with a simple table. Add a rug that brings your colors together as well. You can also bring romantic/eclectic styles together with classic looks by having a dark wood flooring installed and keeping the rest of the décor light and airy.  Use mirrors to make the rooms seem larger and keep wall colors white or light to brighten up the room and bring the focus to your styled pieces.DC-pic-4


No matter what your favorite styles are our designers will help you find the balance between two, three, even four different looks to give you the special, unique look you want! Have one of our designers visit your home to get an idea of your vision and help you find that sweet spot where your eclectic styles are designed seamlessly with your flooring!