Your home does not have to fit the exact definition of a “Country Farmhouse”, look 100% modern, or be entirely classically romantic. Strict style mandates such as those should be left to period homes used as museums. It is not realistic or ideal for your entire house to have a certain feel or style.


The most important part of any house are the people who call it home. Blending your unique personality and sense of style with your home’s existing structure will create a house that feels like your home.

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When crafting the look of your home, it is possible to use the pieces you love, even if they do not match, without looking like a crazy person. Begin by considering the style of the exterior of your home and how this translates to the interior. A turn of the century farmhouse design inside a modern loft might not mesh well. You do not need to match the inside to the outside perfectly but an interior design that carries on qualities of the exterior of the house will create fluidity with the space. The architecture of your home may do this naturally with the layout of rooms or types of flooring used.


Color is important when blending styles. If your room design includes an inherited vintage chair, you can still incorporate a comfortable sofa for the family, just choose one that is the same color as the chair. This will help your room feel cohesive even if the furniture styles do not match.


Combine styles throughout an entire space. There is no need to have a side of the room designated as Scandinavian minimalism and another side meant to be the Romantic Bohemian corner. This looks odd, does not flow well and is jarring on the eye. Instead, choose Scandinavian type furniture designs with the rich prints and texture of Bohemian design for couch pillows, throws, and artwork.


Create a visually interesting room by matching the height of your furniture. An eclectic assortment of dining room chairs is visually pleasing if the chair backs are similar height. Mismatched nightstands or lamps on either side of the bed look appealing when they are similar heights, but may look junky or cluttered if they are all different sizes.


Think about the mood of the room you are designing. A family room is generally meant for relaxed, family time and may not be a great place for vintage, formal furniture. Use treasured heirlooms or antiques in a different space in the house or choose a few pieces as decoration.


If you are updating your space, consider the flooring that would look best with your style! Oak flooring blends well between 7 16 pic 9 300x225 - Blending Different Styles to Find Your Unique Lookstyles since it can be stained lighter or darker. The type of wood works well in formal, casual, and rustic spaces. Wider planks of lighter woods make a space feel very cozy and comfortable while darker, thinner planks can make a space feel formal.


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