Glitter + Confetti Bombs! My Poor Floors…

Since the pandemic is still ravaging the country, a lot of people are deciding to stay indoors to ring in the new year. With this comes an inevitable mess, glitter. Some methods below are ways to battle the mess without pulling out your hair.

Vacuum Method

Determine how much confetti you actually have in the area you want to clean. If there is a lot, not just a few random pieces, and the confetti is on the floor, vacuum up as much as you can. If there is a great deal of confetti, try using a rubber broom or a clean rake to collect a lot in a pile and hand transfer to a garbage bag first, to spare the vacuum cleaner from overload.

A handheld vacuum works best for this as it can get into smaller spaces (such as tight corners), which saves you some effort later. It also allows for quick emptying and refilling, saving your large vacuum cleaner from getting clogged. Use the narrow nozzle to get under chairs, behind furniture, etc. Empty the vacuum cleaner regularly. This will help prevent clogging and improves suction.

Wet Cloth + Broom

Use a dust broom or mop to grab glitter on your hard floors. Once you have a pile, then switch to your hand-held broom to get it into the dustpan. If there are still particles behind, then get a damp towel to wrap around the broom or damp mop to sweep away any last little bits.

Play Dough or Silly Putty

If the glitter spills are on a hard surface, this is a great trick. All you need is a ball of play dough or silly putty. Roll it around the surface to pick up the tiny specks of glitters, and it sticks to the play dough or silly putty. And the best part, your kids will be happy to have their very own glitter play-dough or silly putty.

Balloon Trick

If there is just a little glitter or confetti mess, one creative strategy is to use the static electricity or a balloon to soak up the glitter that might have been left behind on fabric upholstery and on the carpet. To maximize the static electricity, rub the balloon on your hair. After rolling the charged balloon over glitter that has been left behind on fabric and carpet, the balloon should be covered in sparkles.

Lint Roller or Duck Tape

If the above tricks still left some smaller specks of glitters on the floor or furniture, then the next solution can be found inside your linen closet. You can take a standard lint roller and glide it or duck table to pick over the stubborn glitters. This will be effective in picking up any remaining particles, leaving your crafting corner spotlessly clean.




Still some awesome ways to have fun but still keep a clean home!