If last week’s blizzard taught us anything it’s that A.) Northern Virginia really can’t handle that much snow and B.)Neither can your flooring! Of course, most of the snow has melted by now, but it’s good to know in case we have more snow in the forecast how to properly prepare our flooring to keep it from getting damaged from all of the snow.


For example, snowy boots are difficult to avoid, but if you aren’t careful, the grit of salt or other irritants stuck to the bottom of a snowy shoe can scratch up your wood floors. If it’s possible, try to take off your boots before walking in; if not, then lay down towels to soak up the snow, ice, and to have a place to leave the dirty boots before walking in.


Strittmatter-pic-3Salt and sand aren’t the only threat to floors; salty, chemical-filled snow melts and leaves stains on wood that can also in time, cause the wood to warp. It’s safe to say, however, if you have ceramic tile, winter may not have as an impacting effect. Ceramic is quite durable, and can handle the chemicals and the wet snow, however, when ceramic gets wet, it becomes very slippery. Be careful, and create an area for all the winter gear and boots to store before entering into the home.


If you have laminate flooring, you have to be extra careful to not permanently damage it. Laminate is the least durable flooring choice during the cold winter months and is prone to abrasive damage from sand and rock salt.


Surprisingly (or maybe not!) Vinyl flooring, especially luxury vinyl sheet and tile is the best choice for winter defense. Luxury vinyl is extremely water-resistant and has a Vinyl pic 1hard, durable wear layer. Vinyl floors also do great with foot traffic, and are an ease to clean.


Winter is in full swing, and you may be in the process of deciding on new flooring. No, it doesn’t snow here often to put too much emphasis on how well your floors hold up in snow, but if you’ve lived here long enough you know that when winter does hit Virginia it happens all at once; all in one day. Be prepared with the right floors for all four season, and all that they each bring!