Northern Virginia is very low on commercial real estate, so if you find a space to create your brick and mortar business, it’s important to make it shine both on the outside and on the inside. Curb appeal is quite important depending on what kind of business you have such as a clothing store, a restaurant, or if in a service-related industry. The focus you put on the outside of the dwelling should be just as important for the inside of your dwelling as well. The first thing your clients will notice is how inviting your space is, from the walls, to the décor, down to the floors. Choose RPM pic 6flooring that both compliments the rest of the design, and has a positive effect on both your employees and your clients.


There are a few questions you should ask yourself before embarking on flooring; what design will your business have, is it traditional, modern, quirky? What emotional responses do you want to evoke? Also, ask yourself how comfortable the flooring should be to both your clients and your staff. How important is that? Also, ask yourself if the flooring you choose is easy and relative inexpensive to fix. Lastly, you should set some form of a budget and then allow a buffer for last minute changes or for miscellaneous expenses.


Flooring Types:


Vinyl flooring is quite popular for its long-lasting appeal. If you have high traffic like a retail store, consider vinyl to prevent damage, dents, scratches, etc. Vinyl is also very easy to clean.


Sothebys-after-2Carpet tiles provide good insulation and the ability to remove certain tiles that have been damaged as opposed to replacing an entire store size of carpeting. Carpet tiles are great for an office environment.


Rubber flooring works quite well in restaurants due to its durability and resistance to water and heat. It’s comfortable to walk on (which is great for your staff) and comes in such a wide variety of colors and textures, your clientele will never guess its rubber!


Laminate flooring is the most inexpensive alternative, and yet is simple to install, does not scratch or dent easily. It’s durable and easy to maintain as well.

Because your small business may have different needs in different areas, we suggest you use a combination of two of the above mentioned flooring types to add appeal and separation of rooms.


Don’t choose a flooring simply based on price; it may end up costing you more in the long run. Look at your business as a big picture and a long-term solution will prove to be the best choice. Ask our designers to help you during this process.