Childs hardwood 3In Northern Virginia, the closer to the Capitol you get, the smaller the rooms become. Houses are built smaller, and are more sectioned, giving you a feeling like the walls are closing in on you (no pun intended). Good location can sometimes trump design, so if you want to make your home feel more spacious just look down! The flooring you choose and the style in which it’s installed can make all the difference in a small space.


Of course, light colored walls, bright lighting, wall-to-wall mirrors, and a monochromatic scheme will also lend to a larger feel, but following these steps for your flooring will make all of the difference. For example, one of the simplest ways to make a space appear bigger is to lay down wide plank hardwood flooring (planks that are more than 3” wide). This creates a more open pattern.


stone-blurIn addition to the wide flooring, laying the wood planks at a diagonal will trick the eye into seeing a larger room. Laying the board parallel to the longest wall is optimal, and if you choose a form of tile instead of hardwood, setting them on a diagonal will give the same effect.


If the flooring choice is for your whole home, and not for a room, you can make the entire house feel and look bigger with one continuous flooring style. However, if it’s necessary to change flooring materials, try to stay in the same color family to give the effect of a seamless look.


In the past, small, standard 12” tiles were what you would see in any given bathroom (anyone else love those little white/beige tiles with gray/brown grout?) but if you want the bathroom to seem spacious choose large tiles instead. With it being a small size, you can even upgrade for luxury vinyl tiles in 16” and are installed without grout. The large tiles work in the same fashion as large furniture does in a smaller room-it tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger than it actually is.


Lastly, although light tones invite brightness and create impressions of spacious room, there are still those that love the look of a dark wood floor. If dark toned flooring is paired with the right color, molding and trim, it can make the space appear larger.


Not sure what flooring options are best for your home? Ask one of our specialists who will take their time to learn what you like and don’t like to choose the optimal flooring for your home!