We all love our pets, right? They’re always there for us, love us unconditionally and are usually the first to greet us at the door. They live in our homes just as much as we do, which makes our flooring choices a very important one. Choosing the wrong type of floors can be a costly mistake, so we’ve compiled a list of flooring, and the pros and cons of each.

photo 3Hardwood Floors are incredibly desirable in this day and age. It looks good, and brings great resale value to your home. However, it’s not the greatest choice for pets. Urine stains hardwood and leaves a terrible smell. The urine, depending on where and when they peed may seep into the wood, which can only be resolved by removing the wood (a costly process). Damage done by nails can be resolved by sanding and refinishing the floor, and if your dog’s water bowl sits on the wood floor, the moisture will soak into the wood causing it to swell and contract.

If you still want to go with the look of wood, consider Bamboo. It’s harder than the hardest hardwood, doesn’t wear out, is completely renewable, stain resistant. It’s a great compromise between hardwood and vinyl flooring. It’s also easy on the wallet with little need for repair or upkeep.


Laminate flooring is a general second choice for those owners who want traditional hardwood, but not the maintenance that comes with it. While there are many choices in laminate flooring types, it can be difficult for pets (especially dogs) to walk on. The slipping and sliding as they walk or run will cause their hips to move in unnatural ways, causing damage to their bodies. If you choose laminate, add rugs or runners to give their little legs some traction.


Stone; and Tile flooring is excellent for pets-it doesn’t scratch easily, is resistant to spills, and accidents, and if it does get scratched, it’s inconspicuous. Unfortunately, they’re not a very popular whole-house choice. It’s cold and hard, and can be tough on the human knees. If you tilesbgcropchoose to go with stone, consider area rugs to warm up the room.




Vinyl flooring (especially luxury flooring) is a great choice for pets (and small children). It’s scratch and stain resistant, low in allergens, easy to clean, quiet to walk on and easy on the body (both human and pet). You would be surprised at all of the amazing choices there are out there! Cork flooring is similar in pro’s however sometimes, discoloration can occur, so choose the rooms the flooring goes in wisely.


Meet with one of our professionals to learn which flooring is best for the rooms you are considering, and how we can keep you, and Fido, happy!