In our last blog, we reviewed what we think are the best flooring options for your basement. A basement can be a fickle area; most times a very useful space, and sometimes a potential disaster waiting to happen. You can minimize the damage with a very well performing sump pump, well placed drains, an expertly sealed floor and walls, plus the right kind of flooring.


DC-pic-2We’ve stated the ones we think our the best in order, here, we will continue on with what we think are the best choices down to the worst of what kind of flooring you should consider for your basement.



Cork is quickly becoming a popular choice for main floor options, and is now also becoming quite popular as a flooring choice for the basement. It’s insulation qualities against cold basement floors, and the feel of softness underfoot makes it a great candidate. Couple that with the fact that cork flooring is a mostly all natural product (being produced mostly by cork trees), and it seems like the perfect choice for your basement floors. Not so fast. Yes, cork is organic, which means it’s prone to deterioration and roll cork can be quite difficult to install.



Rubber flooring may be an unusual choice, but if it’s commonly used in gyms, garages, and pools, why wouldn’t it be a good choice for your basement? If the basement is going to be a mostly play area, we say go for it! It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing flooring; however, its waterproof, insulates against cold basement floors, and is a soft surface to walk on. Choose this until the kids are old enough to turn the area into the grown-up entertaining area of your dreams.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood flooring is not lost as a basement flooring option; however, it is important to know this is probably one of the most expensive. If you have a basement that’s meant to wow, this is definitely DC-pic-4the right choice for you. The look is quite attractive, however it should be known it’s not the best at keeping out moisture. The solid hardwood is probably the worst for a basement that may possibly get a little wet.


Again, if this is a basement that’s never seen water, and is part of a higher end home, we say go for it! If not, there are so many other options you should consider first that will give you that luxurious look and feel (like luxury vinyl) without the luxurious price, or fear of getting ruined at the first sight of water.


Set up your appointment to discuss the history of your basement (even if all of that history wasn’t with you as its owner), so we can help you find the perfect flooring for your dream basement!