Redecorating or furnishing your living space will bring a multitude of options and choices. It is easy to forget what is under your feet. The right rug will help bring an entire room together and sets the tone for the aesthetic. It is important to put lots of thought into the style, color and the material. 

Wool rugs are renowned for their quality and durability so while they may be a little more expensive, they are often well worth the investment. Read further to discover all the benefits of wool rugs and why they are so popular. 

Wool is very durable and will last for many years without showing signs of wear. They are manufactured from short lengths of wool derived from sheep. While wool rugs cost slightly more than synthetic rugs, because of their exceptionally long life, it can be a better choice than other types of rugs. Unlike synthetic fibers that eventually become matted down due to foot traffic or heavy furniture, natural wool carpet springs back underfoot and beneath the weight of furniture, retaining its original thickness and springy feel over many years of use.

Color Retention
Wool carpets sustain their original color over many years of wear and cleaning. The molecular structure of wool accepts dye extremely well. This helps wool carpeting to be available in a wide range of colors and patterns which appeals to a variety of clientele.

Ease of Cleaning
Wool has a natural coating that repels water-based stains that tend to make up the majority of common spills. Removing spots is not too hard if they are taken care of immediately. One of the best benefits of wool is that its fibers overlap, acting like roof shingles that repel dirt and liquids by protecting the inner part of the fiber. In addition, wool does a good job of hiding dirt stains and repelling oil stains. Other fibers tend to attract oils rather than repel them. 

Wool is naturally flame-resistant and has a higher ignition point than other synthetic materials. That makes it more resistant to any sparks or sources of fire. Many crowded public places like casinos and airports will utilize wool carpets from a safety standpoint.