The open concept of kitchen and living rooms can make a space feel much bigger. But how do you get the same effect in a bathroom without sacrificing privacy? Start with your shower! By removing the barriers that block in a shower, you can create a seamless feel that makes your bathroom look and feel larger. 

If you don’t think twice about stepping over a walk-in showers huge lip, count yourself lucky. A curbless shower allows anyone who may have trouble with balance or coordination to feel confident about entering the shower. Those using a wheelchair or other mobility aids do not have a threshold to step over a large curb and may find a curbless shower easier to enter so they can bathe more independently. The shower will grow with you, which means that as you age in your home, the shower is already outfitted to accommodate mobility aids. This means that you can potentially stay in your home longer because it is designed to meet your needs as you grow older. 


One of the most significant benefits of a curbless shower is the fact that they are fully customizable. Curbless showers are installed in big or small spaces because they are designed to fit your unique area. Even if you have a small space, a curbless shower can be put in the corner so you have more room in the other areas of your bathroom. In fact, they must be customized to your space to ensure proper drainage and a sufficient splash zone. Do you like clean, modern designs, a more spa-like vibe, or customized tile work? The options are endless. 

Are you annoyed with the mildew and mold growth on your shower curtain? Does it get in your way while you shower or do you forget to put it on the inside of your shower before you start the water? You not only don’t have to worry about a shower curtain or liners with a curbless shower. Not only will this help keep your shower cleaner, but it will help reduce the amount of mold and mildew buildup. This also means that you don’t have to spend your shower fighting with the curtain and liner. No shower curtain also means that  your style will be on display. There is no extra barrier to block your view of the beautiful tile designs or your personal style accents.