Each passing year ushers in a brand new array of color trends and 2022 is right on track to be full of fresh ideas!  With two months already into the new year, paint colors have continued to advance and evolve.  Last year’s popular paint colors were inspired by focus in transforming our much more multi-tasking homes into havens; providing shelter from the storms seemingly awaiting right outside the door.  As most of us were safeguarding at home, painting might have offered a feeling of control; a place to direct focus in a chaotic world and new paint shades had the ability to comfort and calm emotions.  Selecting hues in darker, earthy shades invoked feelings of safety and security.  This year, those same nature-inspired neutrals continue to influence 2022, but much like life, paint is evolving to reflect increased sustainability, new beginnings and rejuvenation as we lean toward more positivity.

Choosing the Right Paint Color

When considering new paint colors, whether in the family room, kitchen, bathroom or kids’ spaces, the choice might have initially appeared simple. It seemed reasonable that purchasing new paint should be a quick and easy transaction, allowing us to return home and quickly begin our new project.  After all, prior online research likely guided the color selection even before leaving for the store.  Maybe a natural neutral seemed wise or a bold lively hue might have been appealing.  However, entering any paint store has the ability to make quick work of any clear thinking as the sheer amount of color selections come into view.  Suddenly, shades seem to blur together muddling initial insight and incessantly creating more questions than answers.  You are inspired to bring your vision to life but want to avoid making your space appear dated.  Fortunately, color trend predictions provide wonderful guidance in hue choices while helping homeowners stay current.

Tracey, creator and author of Porchdaydreamer.com with a background in textile color matching as well as 5 years experience in the paint industry has outlined 7 on-trend paint selections in 2022:

  1. Greens with gray and yellow undertones dominate.
  2. Blues are turning more green, with gray undertones.
  3. Warm pinks are developing into peach and deeper brick tones.
  4. Deep berry, violet and lilac are new on the scene.
  5. Primary and clean bright colors are popping up as accents.
  6. Moving on from white and gray to warmer toned neutrals.
  7. Coffee and charred wood tones are replacing black


And, the Most Popular Color Trend of 2022 is….

Most paint experts concur that the color of the year will be a beautiful shade of green, inspired by nature.  The Spruce has pointed to several top paint companies as choosing shades of green as their color of the year for 2022.  If green has been calling your name to be chosen for your home, this is your year!  If not, don’t despair, there are plenty more stunning shade trends for 2022 just waiting to be discovered!

(Image Source: familyhandyman.com)

More Color Trends for 2022

Nature-Inspired Tones

Colors inspired by the great outdoors will become increasingly popular this year.  The last few years have seen a trend in neutrals beginning to warm up and this particular trend is expected to peak in 2022 with shades such as taupes, beiges, biscuits, and mushrooms leading in popularity along-side green-toned nature-inspired hues.

(Image Source: Thenordroom.com)

Additionally, an increased interest in brown shades can be seen with both deeper tree tones as well as lighter sand hues gaining in popularity. These various shades of brown act as neutrals but offer more versatility and emotion than more traditional neutrals.

Vibrant Hues

Experts have predicted that in contrast to natural neutrals and calming greens, 2022 will, also, see bold mid-century hues making a resurgence.

(Image source: Thenordroom.com)

There has been an increased interest in vibrant, energizing, and exciting shades made popular in the ’50s.  This newest trend’s popularity is explained as allowing a fantastic form of self-expression in reflection of individual personalities after spending so much time at home.  Pops of eye-catching shades from refreshing primaries like orange-reds, bright, buttery yellows and dusty blues are splashing onto the scene as are playful pastels.

Updated Neutrals

The classic, timeless quality of a creamy or a warmed-up white shade should never be discounted and is still predicted to continue trending in 2022.  With stress levels still elevated, clean, light hues and tones that are calming and promote relaxation are forecasted to remain in demand throughout the year. Although there are an endless amount of amazing paint colors available on the market, sometimes nothing is as enduring and elegant as a fresh coat of warm white paint!

Interested in more color trend predictions for 2022?  See:  Realhomes.com.