Heflin after 2 225x300 - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

With so many choices for your bathroom tile and floors, it’s hard to pick! Kruper’s experts can help design the best fit for your needs. When making your decision, keep the upcoming trends in mind. This will help you pick the best flooring that will stay popular for the longest amount of time. Here are some of the trends we think will be huge!

White has been a very popular color for bathrooms over the years. Recently, darker colored flooring, furniture and walls have started to emerge in kitchen and living room design. This trend is going to stretch into farmhouse style - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!bathroom design and be super huge! Try easing into the trend by slowly adding darker accents like matte black plumbing, or one dark accent wall. Or take the plunge and pick out a dark shade of flooring to give your bathroom tons of depth.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring materials. They are easy to keep clean and can stand up to the extra moisture in bathrooms. But sometimes, the tile can be cold on your bare feet. Whichever tile you pick, you can get a great heated floor by installing an underfloor heating system. These systems are getting increasingly affordable and will really take the edge off of the chilly floor this Fall.

Another big trend is uniquely shaped or designed tiles. Modern technology allows ceramic tile to be cut into intricate shapes like hexagons, diamonds and chevrons. You can choose from neutral shades and designs, or intricate patterns and textures. For another great design, take basic tile shapes and lay them in an interesting pattern. Herringbone tiling is also huge right now. Another great aspect of tiling in the bathroom is that 12 12 pic 3 225x300 - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!you can integrate the flooring with the tub or shower area.

Updating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Stay on trend with dark accents, heated floors, uniquely shaped or designed tiling, or a combination of all three. These trends are going to be huge, so get started planning your bathroom upgrade at Kruper today!