Picking out tile for your bathroom sounds easy until you realize how many different designs, shapes and texture combinations there are. Today’s aesthetic is just as important as it’s function. These top tile trends focus on color, patterns, shape and texture to help you narrow down the exact tile you’re looking for.

Neutrals and White
You really can’t go wrong with white tiles. d Contemporary design uses all neutral and white throughout to create a bright and inviting space. Gray and beige are so popular that it is even nicknamed “greige”. 




Subway Tile
Subway tiles come in an array of colors and sizes. The trend is bigger is better and gives the feel of a fresh, open space and away from the normal, sometimes boring subway tile.



Graphic Tile Patterns
Whether it’s on the floor, ceiling or in the shower this is the perfect accent in any bathroom. In soft hues or bold contrasting colors, these intricate patterns will be a showstopper. Patterned tiles will continue to be a popular style choice in years to come. Pairing a huge pattern with color with subway tiles is a great way to feel a balance in your space. 





Matte Finish
Matte finish tiles make a statement without being over the top and keeping a modern sleek feel. A huge advantage to matte tiles is that they don’t show smudges and water marks like shiny tiles do, which makes them ideal in a busy bathroom. They are especially great in small bathrooms because they tend to reflect plenty of light and create a perception of a larger space.